Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

When it comes to shorts, as always in fashion: wear what you like! Have fun with it and try out how you feel most comfortable. Those who automatically avoid shorts are missing out on something.

Three reasons why you should give shorts a chance this summer:

The New Convenience:

Skirts and dresses are a fine thing, no question about it. But there are situations in which they are just incredibly impractical: when riding a bike, for example, or when sitting on a picnic blanket. Instead of constantly zipping around at the hem of the skirt so that nothing can be seen of the underpants, we prefer to grab our shorts this summer – and make ourselves comfortable.

Short Pants can be Combined With Almost Anything:

Shorts with flat sandals and a summer top are our holiday uniform. In combination with a blouse, blazer, and loafers, they become the perfect office outfit for warm days. Shorts are amazingly versatile. With a blazer and tights, the short denim pants look much more dressed and can therefore not only be worn in leisure time. The appearance is not quite as revealing, and for everyone who likes it, a little more dressed.

Denim Shorts: The Easiest DIY Project in The World:

If you are in the mood for shorts but don’t want to spend any money, just grab an old pair of jeans and snap them to the right length. Even absolute sewing and DIY enthusiasts can do that. You can either turn the hem inside out and sew it on the sides with a few quick stitches, or you can just let it fray casually. Click here for instructions on how to make jeans with a frayed hem. And then you can proudly tell everyone: “The pants? I made them myself.”

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