Thu. Dec 7th, 2023

I assume we can all agree that gel manicures are remarkable. They last longer than typical manicures and are just better as a whole. Nevertheless, not everybody knows about these 5 ideas that will permit you to achieve a durable gel manicure that lasts 2-3 weeks!

Tips For a Durable Gel Manicure:

Right here are 5 ideas for a resilient gel manicure that no one speaks about:

Always Message Your Cuticles With Oil:

There are a lot of points that are necessary for a gel manicure to look great. Among them is leaving your follicles in a healthy and balanced state. If you do not care for your cuticles, then the gel gloss will certainly not stick on your nails also. You will certainly end up breaking and also you will certainly need to reapply your gel gloss every other day.

Utilizing Skim Coat on Dry Nails:

To get the most out of your gel nail polish, you need to apply a base coat on dry nails. The very best time to do this is right after you have actually clipped as well as file your nails. Base coats give a smooth surface area to the nail and block staining from coming through the polish.

Using Top Quality Gel Polish:

Usage top-quality gel nail polish. Any type of specialist manicurist will inform you that this is one of the most important things. BLUESKY has excellent formulas that last a long time.

Utilizing Top Layer With a Thicker Consistency:

Use a top layer that has even more sparkle, is not matte, and is thicker than regular gloss.

Letting Polish Dry In Between Coats:

Apply at least 2 coats of color and also see to it to allow each one to dry before using another layer, even if they are various colors. A minimum of await a couple of mins between each layer.

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