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An overview of Bluesky Color Change Cat Eye gel nail polish. What makes it different from other nail polishes? BLUESKY Cat Eye Color Change Gel Nail Polish is an innovative gel polish that has a color-changing effect when exposed to sunlight or UV light. But is it worth a try? Read on to find out!


When applied to nails, BLUESKY Cat Eye Color Change Gel Nail Polish creates the illusion of a three-dimensional cat’s eye. It produces an optical illusion of lights and shadows on the surface of the nails to create cat’s eye effects on nails. The effect is especially prominent when different types of lights shine on it.

Color Change Cat Eye Gel Polish is a range of transparent gel nail polishes that are easy to apply and perfect for all seasons. It changes color as the temperature changes, offering a cat’s eye effect.

BLUESKY Cat Eye Color Change Gel Nail Polish is suitable for both professional use and personal use. It is available in a wide range of colors including SHADES ON WM01, NIGHTLIGHTS FEELING WM03, SEXY PEARL WM04, YOU’RE A GEM WM02, PINK WOMAN WM05 AND, LIKE A MODEL WM06.

Color Change Cat Eye Gel Nail Polish offers the following features:

  • Easy to apply, just like a traditional polish
  • Gives a cat’s eye effect
  • Fast drying and durable
  • Gives nails a glossy finish
  • Visible nail line and skin smoothness after drying
  • Transparent texture
  • Cat’s eye gel blends the chameleon powder to create a galaxy cat’s eye effect
  • Essential oils in the formula helps strengthen nails and prevent chipping
  • Concentrated pigments ensure rich color

BLUESKY gel nail polish is simple and easy to use, allowing you to wipe out your own super temperament nails at home. BLUESKY gel nail polish can be perfectly matched with bags or clothes of any style and color. Nail polish is the color of your fingertips, just like wearing accessories for your hands and adding a beautiful dress to your nails. Apply beautiful colors to your nails now!

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