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The Blur VR 360 Motion Chair

After the success of the original Yaw motion simulator chair on Kickstarter, the startup has returned with a new consumer-focused version called Yaw2. It costs a bit more than its predecessor, but it comes with more features and a sleeker spacecraft design.

Featuring 360 degree rotation and 45 degrees flapping action, it allows players to feel the thrill of flying an airplane or roller coaster ride in a virtual environment. It also has digital touch pedals that support simulated walking.

1. 360 Degree Rotating

Designed for VR games and movies, this premium 9D motion chair is the ultimate extreme experience. Whether you’re riding a virtual roller coaster or playing exciting space games, you’ll feel like you’re right in the middle of the action.

The chair uses a motorized base to rotate 360 degrees. It also has a head tracker that clips to your headset, so you can move your head and see the action from different perspectives. It also includes haptic sensors that vibrate when you play certain games, adding to the immersion and making the game more realistic.

The ouble VR 360 Motion Chair is also easy to set up. All you have to do is plug it in, and the system will automatically calibrate itself for a better experience. You can also control the movement of the chair with your feet by pressing the touch pedals on the base.

2. 360 Degree Flapping

The VR cockpit chair breaks down the 4th wall and delivers an immersive virtual reality experience that will blow people away. With HiFi stereo sound, high-resolution content and full 360 mobility the chair will have them screaming their heads off as they fly a fighter jet ouble VR 360 Motion Chair or take control of a futuristic spaceship in an exciting deep space battle.

Built into the structure of the VR seat are touch pedals so that players can feel engine throttle, gear changes, crashes and flaps as they go through their virtual reality game or roller coaster ride. Touch pedals can also be used to trigger wind special effects that will make the VR experience even more authentic.

The patented motorized base can be controlled with the Magical Head Tracker which clips over the user’s headset to automatically move to wherever the person looks. It can also be connected to steering wheels, pedals and joysticks to allow for full-on haptic feedback in racing games, shooters or a heart-racing roller coaster ride.

3. 6 Degrees of Freedom

Unlike current VR motion chairs which only support 3DOF (rotational movement), the Yaw VR – Pro Edition is capable of pitch, yaw and roll. Its full motion range, combined with the ability to tilt forward and backwards, gives the user the freedom to inspect an object from any angle – including up close or from above.

This allows for a much more immersive experience and greatly reduces cyber motion sickness. When VR experiences only support 3DOF motion, visual and vestibular (inner ear) sensory conflict is induced which causes cyber motion sickness. With Copernic 360 supporting 6DOF both rotational and positional movement, this is significantly reduced.

The VR cockpit chair includes touch pedals that allow you to ‘walk’ around your virtual environment. This feature enables you to explore your game world and get the most out of your experience without having to move from your seat. It also supports haptic sensors that vibrate when you engage in racing or simulated roller coaster games. This adds a whole new level of immersion and realism that will have even the strongest of players screaming with excitement.

4. Head Tracker

The head tracker feature is designed to help you keep your hands free so you can stay focused on the games you’re playing. It uses a black-and-white ring in the base to track rotational movement and an optical encoder that tracks the position of that ring in 2.8 degree increments. Aaron says that’s the sweet spot for balancing granularity of movement with avoiding unintentional judder that might make you sick.

Once the user’s physical head/eye movement crosses a threshold angle (called the onset-threshold) the virtual view is rotated by that amount and the user can freely look around that rotated view. Afterwards, the user’s head/eye position remains aligned with the center of the virtual view until another threshold is crossed.

The chair also comes with digital touch pedals that let you simulated walk and interact with VR games. You can move your legs forward and backwards to simulate walking movements, as if you were actually moving in a race car or roller coaster.

5. Touch Pedals

ROTO’s base features ports for HDMI, USB and power leads. You plug the headset into a Cable Magazine, 360 VR Chair which is swappable and features all I/O ports. ROTO aims to remove wire management issues from seated VR experiences.

The chair has digital touch pedals to support simulated walking. This makes it easier to stay seated and reduces movement, which may prevent motion sickness.

The motorized base also has haptic sensors that vibrate with the corresponding action. This is especially helpful for racing games or simulated roller coasters. Elliot Myers, co-founder of Roto VR, says the sensors can also rumble engine throttles, gear changes, crashes and turbulence to make the experience feel more immersive. Myers adds that developers don’t need to code for this feature. A controller can map the haptic vibrations to L and R joysticks, making it possible for players without a VR headset to enjoy the rumble.

6. Emergency Stop Button

The VR 360 chair is the latest virtual reality simulator designed by VART. It features cool appearance design, high immersive effects and accurate motion simulation. The VR chair comes with a variety of high quality VR video and interactive games, including roller coaster and space shooting games. It is one of the most exciting and crazy VR entertainment equipment.

The VR chair offers full protection for players with a head protection design and wrapped seat structure. It also includes an emergency stop button, which can be pressed when there is an accident to quickly pause the experience and return the seat to its original position. The VR flight simulator also features a 32 inch HD LED screen to synchronize with the videos. This is important for a smooth and immersive experience. The UI is user-friendly and easy to operate. The VR chair is also compatible with standard coin payment methods.

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