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9D VR 2 Seats Chair

9D VR 2 Seats Chair is a fun and exciting way to experience virtual reality. It can be used to play a variety of games and movies, including roller coaster rides and space adventures. This chair comes with many features that make it more comfortable to use.

The new Sync6 mechanism provides something called synchronous tilt, which keeps the seat more level when you lean back. It also includes a head tracking system that lets you lock onto targets, from dinosaurs to monsters.


This VR game chair takes virtual reality to the next level, with a dual-seat design that lets you and 9D VR 2 Seats Chair a friend enjoy it together. With a variety of games and movies to choose from, it’s a fun way to explore ancient history, hunt for deep-sea creatures, or take on the challenge of a roller coaster ride.

The two-seat EGG Chair is a popular choice for couples or friends who want to share the experience of VR. The system uses a VR headset to show 360-degree movies, and the dynamic seats sync with the film’s motion. This makes the experience as realistic as possible and helps you feel like you’re in the movie.

In addition to the VR headset, this model has a set of motion sensors that let you move in sync with on-screen action. It also has a special feature that helps you to aim at targets with your hands by touching the buttons on the side of the cabin.

The chair’s other impressive features include a back poking and vibration function that simulates the environment of the movie. It also has a leg sweep, air jet, and face wind effects that create a sense of immersion and bring you to a different world. It’s easy to use and works well. It also provides great support for the head, which is important for keeping your balance while playing virtual reality games.

Easy to operate

9D VR is a state-of-the-art virtual reality experience that combines powerful technology with quality graphics to provide an exhilarating and immersive entertainment experience. It is perfect for amusement parks, shopping malls, and other entertainment centers. It is designed with dual-seats and offers various virtual reality content that can be enjoyed by users of all ages.

The 9D VR chair features a variety of environmental simulation effects that add to the realism of the movies and games. These include ear windy, leg sweep, back poke, air jet, and vibration. These environmental effects make the virtual experience feel more realistic and immersive, giving the audience a feeling of being in the movie itself.

This VR simulator has a unique design that enables two people to play at the same time, which attracts more customers and generates more revenue for businesses. It has a small footprint and is easy to operate. In addition, it is very affordable and can be easily installed in any venue.

This VR simulator is a perfect choice for any business that wants to increase sales and brand awareness. Its high-quality and durable construction makes it an ideal investment for businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition. It can also be used by students and professionals for training purposes. Moreover, it is highly customizable and has a large range of functions.


9D VR is an immersive virtual reality experience that gives you the feeling of being inside a film or video game. It is a popular entertainment business in malls, theme parks, and other locations, and it offers a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends or family. It can be used by adults and children, and it is perfect for couples or parents and their kids.

The 9D VR system is made up of a VR headset, a motion platform operated by electric cylinders, and VR game content. This is a highly durable and reliable product that will give you the best possible virtual reality experience. It is also easy to operate, and you can use it in any location. The price of the 9D VR chair is negotiable, and it can be shipped worldwide.

The 9DVR egg 3d cinema is a new and exciting form of virtual reality that can make you feel like you’re in another world. With a double egg-shaped VR dynamic seat and a variety of special effects, you can enjoy an amazing fantasy world. This product breaks the boundary between the virtual and real worlds through environmental simulations such as wind, air jet, leg sweep, back poke, vibration and other effects. It is a great entertainment product that is both affordable and enjoyable for all ages.


When buying a virtual reality chair, you should choose one that has a high-quality build and reliable motion system platform. This will ensure that the chair can be operated for a long time without any problems or breaks. Also, the motion system platform should be easily operated and have a low maintenance cost. It should be easy to install and run the software, so that you can enjoy a fast return on your investment.

A good 9D VR simulator will have a number of unique features to make the experience more realistic. For example, it may include a swiveling seat that allows users to move VR Egg Chair in all directions while retaining their sense of immersion. This feature is especially useful for users who want to feel more involved in the movie they are watching.

Other special effects include a wind blowing to your face and back, leg sweep, and seat vibration. These effects can help to build a virtual world and bring the movie characters to life. In addition, the movie’s soundtrack can be added to further enhance the experience.

In addition to these impressive features, a good virtual reality headset will also have a sleek and futuristic design that complements any venue’s aesthetic. Additionally, it will have a powerful processor, high-resolution screen, and an adjustable height. These features can be a huge benefit for businesses that want to attract customers and maximize revenue.

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