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Marshmallow Vending

Marshmallows are part of the artisanal food trend. A mobile s’mores cart called Madison Gouzie roasts marshmallows on site and sells them with homemade graham crackers.

In a famous experiment, American psychologist Walter Mischel gave four year old children one marshmallow and told them they would Marshmallow Vending get another if they could hold out for fifteen minutes.

Why Vending?

Marshmallow Vending is the brainchild of Madison Gouzie, who operates a mobile s’mores cart where she roasts marshmallows to order. Each marshmallow is a hand-crafted confection and the experience of savoring it is completely singular; no other s’mores cart in the world does what hers does.

Until 1895, a single marshmallow was considered a confectionary miracle to be savored, and they were the preserve of high-end bakers. Then Joseph Demerath changed everything.

The marshmallow vending machine makes it possible for the masses to enjoy these sweet treats. The machine dispenses fluffy, melt-in-the-mouth treats of your choice, allowing you to choose from different shapes and flavors.

Getting Started

Marshmallows are surprisingly easy to make, especially with the Marshmallow Vending vendors right tools. A candy thermometer and a Kitchenaid mixer are essential, and while they may seem intimidating at first, marshmallows can be made quickly and with minimal effort.

In the world of unique mobile food carts, Madison Gouzie’s s’mores truck, The Marshmallow Cart, stands out. Every ingredient is handmade, each marshmallow torched on-site, and the experience is fully singular. But, as any small business owner knows, launching and running a successful food cart isn’t without its challenges. Here, Gouzie talks about some of the most surprising ones.


Vending machines can be a great investment for businesses. They have low operating pressure and are inexpensive to purchase and operate. You can also save on labor costs, as one machine is a store in itself.

Retro food packaging is a design DREAM and marshmallow fluff jars are iconic AF. The fat marshmallow ring is a wearable tribute to those two things that evoke nostalgia for Vellum Street founder Melissa Torre and her cupcake line, Undercover Cupcake. Display this item near check-out stations in cafeteria food lines or in convenience stores, and capture impulse purchases for additional profit. It ships ready to use, and the packaging is recyclable!

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