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Marshmallow Vending

Among the most popular candy-related vending machine items are marshmallows. Marshmallows are part of the artisanal food trend that includes doughnuts and macarons.

During one Stanford experiment, children were presented with Marshmallow Vending a single marshmallow and told that if they could wait for 15 minutes without eating the marshmallow they would receive two marshmallows. The research found that kids who were able to delay their gratification had better future success than those who couldn’t.


In the world of vending, Madison Gouzie’s marshmallow cart stands apart. He roasts and assembles his s’mores by hand, and his ingredients are local and organic—a unique approach for a portable food truck. In our interview, Gouzie shares the challenges he has faced along the way, and what he’s learned about running a small business.

Marshmallow Production Machine

Automatic marshmallow making machine is a full automatic food production Marshmallow Vending factory line with 28 different styles of marshmallow. The marshmallows come in twisted, elongated and flat shapes. It uses a new technology for automatic marshmallow production. The sugar in the sugar storage container is fed into the marshmallow machine through the swing funnel by the sugar feeding mechanism. Under the intelligent temperature control, the marshmallow machine mechanism automatically heats the sugar to form a long sugar thread.

Then it goes through the color and flavor dosing system to make the marshmallow candy colorful and special flavors. It has extruder nozzles and marshmallow depositor to make the marshmallow shapes. The nozzles can be changed to get twisted or non-twisted marshmallows. The marshmallow machine line also has 2 corn starch applicators continuously sprinkling the starch powder on the cooling conveyor.

Finally, the marshmallows are collected in plastic trays and sent to the marshmallow de-starch drum to remove excess starch powder, and then they are sent into the drying room for aging before packaging. This automatic marshmallow vending machine will be a perfect choice for shopping malls, cinemas, parks, recreation places, hospitals etc.

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