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Top 5 VR Shooting Games

If you’re looking for a great VR experience that will improve your shooting skills, look no further than a virtual reality shooting game. These games are immersive, realistic, and help you learn how to handle different firearms.

Blast space pirates and more in this fun multiplayer shooter that offers a cool sci-fi vibe.

1. Boneworks

Boneworks is a VR shooter game that features realistic physics and a high level of interactivity with the game world. The game also has a strong storyline and a variety of weapons for the player to use.

Developer Stress Level Zero has created a game that is the most immersive and physics-driven VR experience to date. Its hyper-realistic environment, vr shooting game a virtual world known as MythOS, is underpinned by a unique set of rules that give objects and the player a sense of weight and mass.

Its complex physics make it an immersive experience that is best played in short bursts. It can be uncomfortable for players with less stable locomotion, and the game’s demanding interactions may trigger nausea or dizziness in some users. It is recommended that players try the game seated first to see whether they can play without getting sick. The 1.3 update has addressed some of these issues, adding stations where players can save their progress if they are unable to complete a level.

2. Sniper Elite VR

Sniper Elite VR brings the series’ b-movie thrills to the virtual reality space. Aiming down the scope and a bullet whizzing by is an impressively believable process, and the bone-crunching kill cams aren’t too shabby either. There’s plenty to do across the decent-length campaign, including some more frantic street battles and a handful of stealth missions, and the game runs at solid framerates on both the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive.

Rebellion’s ported over a button layout that will feel familiar to fans of the flat series, and while motion controls can be finicky (especially with the PlayStation Move wands), full locomotion and teleportation options are available for more immersive play. Stealth feels more important than ever in this version, though enemy reaction times can still bog things down.

One trademark of the franchise that’s been neutered for this adaptation is the X-ray kill cams, which show off your shots in beautifully gory detail in most other games. It’s a shame to see that missing from the VR experience, but it doesn’t ruin the overall feeling of authenticity and precision.

3. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners is a great vr shooting game that uses a variety of intuitive controls to create an engaging gameplay experience. It encourages players to use their entire body while playing, reaching out to grab objects, rummaging through drawers, and wielding a variety of weapons in the real world. This helps to add a level of immersion that isn’t possible in a traditional gaming setup.

The game takes place in a fictionalized New Orleans and features a wide array of both melee and ranged weapons. The physics-based weapons, like Michonne’s stylish two-handed katana and the often convenient one-handed cleaver, feel good to use and allow players to creatively carve their way through enemies.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners also provides an immersive, well-written story with morally ambiguous choices and an interesting cast of characters to interact with. The ragtag civil war between the authoritarian Tower and rebellious Reclaimed factions provides an intriguing story with plenty of action to keep players engaged.

4. The Lab

If you’re a VR first-timer, or looking to show friends and family the joys of virtual reality, The Lab is a great place to start. It’s a collection of mini-games that introduce players to the basics of virtual reality.

While The Lab’s eight games aren’t all that long or deep, they are all fun to play. The Portal-themed slingshot is especially well-done, as it replicates the feel of firing an Aperture Science Core Calibration slingshot while delivering some classic Wheatley humour.

Xortex is another highlight, with its bullet hell action reminding of the best shmups. It’s fun distilled down to its most basic form, showing that motion controller control in VR feels incredibly precise. Other highlights include a skeleton that you can essentially X-ray to examine its internal structure, and a solar system you wander/teleport around while picking up planets to chuck at each other.

5. Contractors

Contractors is a military based multiplayer shooter that is currently in Early Access. It features multiple game modes VR Shooting Game Manufacturer that you can play with friends or against other players online. It has a great level of customization on weapons and also a good range of mods that can be added. It is designed for e-sports competitions and the developers are constantly updating it to provide a better experience.

It has a focus on human physics and is the closest experience that you can get to playing a COD style shooter in VR. Its multiplayer is a lot of fun and very competitive. It has a single player campaign and co-op missions.

Its graphics are a bit ugly, but they do the job of showing what your gun is doing without getting in the way of the gameplay. It’s still a fun and enjoyable run-and-gun type of experience that has a healthy dose of irreverence.

6. Pistol Whip

Pistol Whip is a heart-pounding rhythm shooter from Cloudhead Games that takes full advantage of VR’s capabilities. Though the game has a lot in common with Beat Saber, it offers its own unique experience that has players shooting to the beat in a range of levels and scenes.

Originally launched over 3 years ago, Pistol Whip has been updated to support PSVR2. The headset’s haptics are fully utilized and help to create an immersive environment that will leave you wanting more. The new PSVR2 features include finger touch detection and six-axis motion sensing to provide a more realistic firing experience. The headset will also vibrate if you get hit by a bullet or dodge one.

The game features a range of scenes and levels to keep gamers occupied for hours on end. Modifiers like dual-wielding or limiting the amount of bullets in a magazine are available to cater to different gameplay styles and allow for an increased level of replayability.

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