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acoustic wood slat ceiling

Acoustic Wood Slat Ceiling

Acoustic wood slat ceiling is a popular and versatile product that can be used in a variety of different spaces. It has a number of advantages over other types of panels, including aesthetics, sound absorption and durability.

Acoustic wood slat panels are a great addition to modern office spaces, as they reduce noise pollution, improve acoustics and increase the aesthetics of a room.


Wood slat ceilings are highly aesthetic, providing the perfect accent to any contemporary interior. They are also adaptable, with the ability to match any style and decor. The slats of the ceiling can be painted or veneered with decorative melamine or RAL colours, which can be tailored to the design goals of the space.

Wood is an environmentally-friendly material that is becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential spaces due to its natural qualities. This includes durability, weather resistance and excellent acoustic properties. It is easy to install and can provide a stylish look to any room.

Acoustic wood slat ceilings are an excellent way to add a touch of nature to your office environment. They can help reduce noise pollution and create a more comfortable and welcoming workspace for employees.

Acoustic wood slat panels are the ideal addition to any modern office space. They are versatile, functional, and can be curated to match the existing decor of your workplace.

As an acoustic ceiling material, these products have a number of benefits, acoustic wood slat ceiling including the ability to absorb unwanted noise and improve speech intelligibility. They can be used in offices, classrooms, conference rooms, and more.

These products have been tested and certified for acoustic and soundproofing properties, so you can be confident that they are the best choice for your building. They can be customized to meet your specific needs, and you can get expert guidance from Altispace, USA’s only ceiling manufacturer that works exclusively with wood.

You can easily install these acoustic panels in any space, and they’re available in a variety of sizes and designs. They’re also extremely affordable, which makes them an excellent option for any budget.

Our MicroPerf wood panels have 0.55 mm perforations that disappear from a distance and are factory-attached to the back of the panel. They can be flat or curved and are designed to improve acoustic performance without compromising on aesthetics.

Another great feature of our acoustic wood slat panels is their ability to control noise and provide exceptional acoustic performance. The slatted ceiling design allows sounds to bounce around the room rather than being concentrated on one point, reducing noise pollution and improving speech intelligibility.

Sound Absorption

An acoustic wood slat ceiling is an ideal choice for many commercial spaces, especially those that require exceptional sound absorption. These ceilings can be used in offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, classrooms and more. They are also a good choice for lobbies and public buildings since they can reduce noise and reverberation.

Acoustic wood slat panels are manufactured with a variety of configurations to meet a majority of acoustic requirements. These panels are fabricated with perforated rigid materials, which balance sound reflection and absorption, resulting in aesthetically pleasing finishes while still providing exceptional acoustic performance.

These panels can be fabricated in hundreds of wood species and stain options to perfectly match your design theme. They are environmentally friendly and are easy to install, making them a perfect solution for a wide range of applications.

Our acoustic wood slat planks can be installed in any surface, including brick, concrete and plasterboard walls. They are available in several sheens, including a matte finish.

They can be customized to suit any space, including large open-plan office spaces. They can also be applied to curved surfaces for an additional cost.

Compared to traditional acoustic panels, these wood slat panels have a much lower sound transmission coefficient and are therefore more effective at controlling noise. They can be made of MDF or PET polyester, which are both acoustically suitable materials that can significantly improve the sound quality in any commercial space.

These acoustic wood slat panels are specially designed to absorb and disperse sound, thereby improving the sound quality of any commercial or residential space. They are also durable and reusable, making them an excellent choice for any commercial space or home.

In addition, they can be easily cleaned and maintained by simply wiping them down with a damp cloth. They are also easy to install and can be customized to fit any space or design.

These acoustic wood slats are highly resistant to weather, heat and electricity conduction, which makes them a good choice for both residential and commercial applications. They are also a great way to add an industrial and modern feel to any room.


Wood is one of the most popular materials for acoustic ceilings due to its durability, aesthetics and sound absorption. It is also environmentally safe, making it an excellent choice for any business or commercial building.

Unlike painted drywall ceilings or popcorn ceilings, wood panels don’t need frequent maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with a little water and a mild household detergent, and most dirt will wipe away.

A wood slat ceiling is also more durable than other types of panels, which means it will last much longer. This is great for businesses that want to save money in the long run, as it can help them avoid costly repair or replacement costs.

Another benefit of using a wood slat ceiling is that it can help to reduce your energy costs. Wood is an excellent thermal insulator, which can make your building more efficient by keeping the heat in or out depending on your needs.

This is especially useful for businesses that operate in warm or humid environments, as a wooden slat ceiling will help to keep your space comfortable and dry. It can also prevent condensation from forming, which is common with drywall or other types of ceilings that are susceptible to mold and mildew growth.

Wood slats come in a variety of species, colors and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect option for your business. They are also extremely versatile and can be arranged in many different patterns and designs to create a unique look for your brand.

You can also choose to install solid wood slats, which can be a great option for a number of commercial applications. This type of ceiling is available in several different sizes and species, including softwoods like fir or hardwoods like maple.

Choosing a wood slat ceiling for your office or business will help you increase productivity while also improving the overall appearance of the room. It’s also a great way to add natural warmth and elegance to the space, creating a positive work environment for you and your employees.

If you’re looking for acoustic wood slat ceilings for your commercial project, be sure to check out Altispace’s extensive collection of acoustic ceiling and wall panels. These panels are designed to improve acoustics in any commercial space, and they can be installed easily.

Easy Installation

Acoustic wood slat ceilings are an acoustic wood slat ceiling easy way to improve acoustics in any room. They can help reduce the sound of echoes and prevent the transmission of sounds between rooms. They are also a great addition to the overall aesthetic of any space.

To install an acoustic wood slat ceiling, you must first determine where the panels will be placed. You can do this by calculating the distance from each panel to the ceiling, and ensuring that the joists are running in the same direction. This will ensure that the panels are properly fastened to the ceiling, and that the gaps between the joists are wide enough for them to fit comfortably.

You can also use a holesaw to cut holes for the slats. This will help you to easily drill through the panels and into the joists. You will then need to insert the screws through the slats and into the joists, and then screw them in.

Using this method, you can be sure that the slats will be securely fastened to the joists and that they won’t come loose. This method is very reliable and will significantly boost the acoustical properties of your acoustic wood slat panels.

Another reliable installation method for acoustic wood slat walls and ceilings is to screw them directly to the ceiling. This method is simple and cost-effective, but it will not offer the best acoustic results.

One of the best ways to ensure that your acoustic wood slat wall and ceiling will be securely fastened to the joists is to install 1″x2″ battens onto your ceiling. These battens are made from wood or MDF and can be spaced anywhere from 18″-24″ apart. Then, you can screw your acoustic wood slats into these battens, around every 24″-36″ depending on the spacing of your joists.

The wood slats on the acoustic wood slats are designed to be parallel to each other, which helps to increase the acoustic properties of your acoustic wood wall and ceiling. They are made from a real wood surface, which is covered with an MDF core.

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