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acoustic ceiling wood

Acoustic Ceiling Wood

Acoustic ceiling wood softens sound and removes acoustic ceiling wood echoes to create a more pleasant environment. These ceiling panels are commonly used in auditoriums, meeting rooms, theatres, concert halls and other spaces where good acoustic conditions are required.

Our acoustic ceiling wood is available in a wide variety of designs. It is easy to match these acoustic ceiling panels to your project aesthetics.

SoftGrid(r) Flux

SoftGrid(r) Flux is a hexagonal ceiling system that is flexible, scalable, and easy to install. Its intricate design features an interweaving network of panels that create a geometric abstract shape, providing acoustic comfort where you need it most. These acoustic ceiling modules can connect together to provide acoustic support for an entire room or be used individually to create a more focused design. Made from our Soft Sound(r) acoustical material, SoftGrid(r) Flux helps reduce the impact of everyday noise, such as ringing and typing, on a user’s productivity, resulting in a more comfortable and productive environment.

Designed with your project needs in mind, SoftGrid(r) Flux acoustic ceiling wood is available in a variety of styles. Whether you’re working with a modern or classic aesthetic, these innovative modules deliver the best in sound attenuation. And because they’re scalable, you can pick the number of units that fit your needs and project budget. Plus, all Flux modules come with a Duo Tone finish option for a naturalistic wood appearance that complements any color scheme. Visit our showroom today to see how SoftGrid(r) Flux can make a positive impact on your design.

SoftSpan(tm) 48

Arktura’s SoftSpan(tm) 48 brings the look of coffered ceilings and large timber trellises to acoustic spaces without the weight. Made from PET Soft Sound(r), this scalable grid system mimics the millwork of real coffered ceilings and trellises while improving acoustics thanks to its high-performance material composition.

With a lineup of colors, textures, and finishes, designers can choose the perfect look to complement their vision for an acoustic space. And, with new connectivity to Arktura’s own SoundBar(r) acoustic and lighting baffle system, designers can now take creative layouts to the next level with near-endless configurations and a range of lighting options.

Available in 24”, 48”, 48A, and 96” lengths, the collection includes the same easy installation, accessibility, and accessory options expected from Arktura systems. A line of optional closure beams allows architects to create an enclosed look or increase acoustic performance with the addition of coffer panels. In addition to its versatility, SoftSpan also features a variety of options for backlighting and inline lighting, giving you more design freedom than ever before. So, don’t wait; start planning your acoustic ceiling wood today!

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