Tue. Jul 16th, 2024


As we all know that plants play a major role in our life not in terms of food and shelter but also they have a significant role in protecting our environment. Human life is impossible without these plants. The plants are not only the source of food but the economy of some of the countries is also dependent on it. Our planet is known as a green planet just because of the presence of the plants. Animals and human both are highly dependent on it.

So the major benefit that we get from the plants is the food. This food is in form of leaves, grains, seeds, tubers, vegetables and fruits. The plants directly get the sunlight from the sun and convert it into carbohydrates. A slight portion is used by the plants while the remaining is stored in various parts of the plants. This stored energy is then consumed by other living beings. These plants use a major portion of carbon dioxide that is present in the environment. The accumulation of the carbon dioxide in the environment can make the life impossible on the planet. So this is consumed by the plants.

The major part of the world is facing the energy crisis. So it is very important to grow more and more plants as these plants are the major source of bio-fuel. This bio-fuel is less harmful and toxic. So it helps in maintaining the environmental health.

Talking more about the role of plants in the environment it will be good to talk about the other benefits that we get from these plants. These plants help in preventing the soil erosion. They hold the soil in the best manner. They also lessen the chances of soil infertility. Plants continuously add the minerals to the soil. They break the larger components of the soil into smaller ones. These are not only used by the plant itself but the other organisms living in the soil also rely on it. These plants also play a major role in keeping the environment stable and healthy by reducing the chances of storms. The plants also maintain the level of gasses at a certain level by consuming the carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. Supporting more rainfall and maintain the ecological balance by reducing the heat. It is very important to grow more and more plants in order to prevent the future destruction of our environment.

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