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The algorithm of the Google search engine is constantly updated every day, so how does Google SEO do it? Since there are many operations that affect SEO rankings, this article will tell you how to do Google SEO! If you want to rank your website on the first page of Google search, remember to master it!

1. Write the page title

The title of the page is not only the primary element for search engines to judge the content of the website, but also an important element that allows users to quickly understand the theme of the website. For page titles, we have to be good at using H tags.

The full name of the H tag is the Heading tag, which is a tag that emphasizes the title. There are a total of 6 sizes of H tags, from H1, H2, H3 to H6, and the tags are from large to small, so as to show the gradual decrease of the weight. On the one hand, the use of H tags in the title can not only present a good content structure to users and search engines, but also allow search engines to judge the theme of the webpage content faster.

Therefore, when we use the H tag for the title, we can add keywords to it. Google’s search engine algorithm can perform semantic analysis on it very well, making Google feel that your title is related to what users want to search for, so as to give the page weight and improve its ranking.

In addition, the quality of the page title will affect the click-through rate of the website, so in order to ensure that your website and the user’s needs are matched, start to study the user’s needs and concerns now, and write a good title that attracts clicks And content, carefully create a good user experience of the website.

2. Do a good job of website content

Everyone knows that website content is very important to Google SEO rankings, but many people suffer from the inability to consistently enter high-quality content. However, Google’s search algorithm has been updated to today. Google no longer only relies on keywords to perform search and presentation, but prefers to search for content related to the topic, and provides users with the most desired content through semantic analysis. Information.

Therefore, we should make more comprehensive content related to the keywords to provide to users, rather than just limited to the content of the keywords themselves. This not only complies with Google’s search algorithm, but also better meets users’ needs for information acquisition.

Another point I have to mention is that the frequency of website updates is also an important factor affecting Google SEO rankings. Search engines like websites that are constantly updated with high-quality content so that they can satisfy users’ needs for the latest information. So, please keep creating good website content!

If you want to understand why your competitors are ranking so high and what you need to do to outrank them, I recommend using the Ahrefs SEO tool.

3. Optimize website links

To do a good job in Google SEO optimization, link optimization is also a very important SEO operation. In addition to website internal and external links, affiliate links can also affect your Google rankings.

When doing internal links, we should pay attention to the relevance of the linked pages and anchor text; when doing external links, we should pay attention to the quantity, quality and structure of external links.

Doing a good job in the internal links of the website can effectively guide Google to crawl the content of your website well, and secondly, it can guide the weight of the website and increase the weight of some pages, so as to improve its ranking in Google.

When we do external links, we need to have enough industry authority websites to link to your website. And you should plan a healthy external link structure, whether it is anchor text, plain text, or hyperlinks, each form of external links should not be too much or too little, so that it looks more natural and will not be Penalized by search engines.

4. Optimize website speed

The speed of the website has a direct impact on Google rankings. The loading time of the website on the mobile terminal is preferably controlled within 2 seconds, and the loading time of the website on the PC side is preferably about 3 seconds.

According to research, if a website takes more than 3 seconds to load, it will lose 43% of its traffic. Waiting for an extra second will reduce the traffic by 15%, because the user’s patience is limited, so the loading speed of the website is the top priority!

To optimize the speed of the website, we can combine and simplify the CSS and JS codes of the website; in addition, we can properly compress the pictures in the website to speed up the loading speed of the browser!

Of course, it is also necessary to have a good server and large bandwidth for the website. You can choose according to the specific needs of your website. At present, mobile websites have higher requirements for website speed. You can test the opening speed of your website on the mobile side of Compare your mobile site speed, and optimize it according to the suggestions given by Google.

5. Strengthen website security

Search engines have always been adhering to the “user first” principle. Google hopes to provide users with a perfect search and browsing experience, so website security is also an aspect that Google attaches great importance to.

In recent years, Google has been strongly advocating that webmasters use https encryption for their websites. The address bar of the Chrome browser will mark the encrypted website with a small green lock; if there is no https encrypted website, the Chrome browser will issue an insecurity warning , and Google trusts the site less, which in turn affects the site’s ranking.

A secure website not only allows users to browse with confidence, but also enhances the corporate brand image. Therefore, we recommend: install an SSL certificate for the website, and access it through https encryption, so that it can encrypt the data transmitted by the website and improve the security of the website!


How does Google SEO do it? SEO optimization ranking is a gradual accumulation process. No matter how Google’s search algorithm changes, the essence of search engines remains the same: to provide users with high-quality information retrieval experience and good content.

Therefore, in this era when content is king, as long as we provide high-quality content from the user’s perspective, we are not afraid that the website will not have traffic. In order to make good content visible to more people, there must be a good promotion method like SEO.

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