Wed. Apr 24th, 2024


The EasyBloom plant sensor looks like one of those toys in Toy Kingdom. I was drawn by its unique design. It is very obvious, just by its look that it has something to do with plants or flowers. I never thought that this cute looking gadget is packed with some of the latest wonders of science that was not available a couple of decades ago. I am really amazed by the intricacy of the algorithms used in this product. I really like the idea that I have a team of botanists available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

This innovative product is non-intimidating and is very useful to newbies in planting or gardening. This is a good product especially to those who are insecure that they are blessed with a green thumb. True enough to its claim, this product is easy to use. The My EasyBloom Dashboard page is very easy to navigate. The software developers really invested time in providing a wide array of plants that may thrive in tour landscape. There are photos of plants with their corresponding descriptions. These descriptions include how to take care of a specific plant, the stats of that plant, pests that usually attack that plant and a lot more. This aspect of the product is very commendable.

EasyBloom can definitely detect shade, soil moisture level and sunlight. It sure can inform of the plants that will most likely grown in a specific spot in your house or garden. I am really amazed by its ability to figure out what is wrong with an ailing plant. It gives recommendations such as the need of a plant to have more water or not and how to help an ailing plant. Its main drawback especially to those experienced gardeners, is its inability to determine or measure the acidity, fertility and toxicity of soil. Newbies can only know these things as they search for information in their website or in Google for advanced issues. In general, the sensors work and do a consistent job in its analysis.

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