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Erie Strayer is a brand name most people who have been in the concrete business for any extended interval of time are common with. Erie Strayer is 1 of the oldest makers of concrete batch crops and they deliver a selection of high quality dry and central mix vegetation at aggressive charges.

Lately, rumors have been circulating about the financial strength of their business and the risk of a past or potential individual bankruptcy. These rumors seem to be unfounded and only not genuine. These rumors likely commenced due to the fact when the time period “Erie Strayer” is entered into a Google search box, the expression “erie strayer bankruptcy” seems as an selection to look for. On additional investigation there is no file of any earlier or pending personal bankruptcy motion by the company.

In my feeling, Erie Strayer is not as dominant in the marketplace as they utilised to be. They have a number of robust and energetic sellers and dominate some markets in the northeast and southeast United States. Their vegetation are in procedure across the United States, and globally but they appear to be to have big gaps in territory devoid of potent and energetic dealers or manufacturing facility reps.

The quality of Erie Strayer concrete batch crops is and has been consistently fantastic. Homeowners of Erie Strayer plants may perhaps not rave about their brand, but they don&#39t feel to have significantly detrimental to say either. Their tools tends to operate persistently with a stage of upkeep that would be regarded as “expected” when working a concrete batch plant. Failure to adequately maintain their vegetation may possibly induce the plant to deteriorate quickly.

Their new tools pricing is honest. Thinking of the entire spectrum of batch plant pricing they would be in on the higher conclusion of the normal rate or the really reduced end of the higher value. Their pricing is however reliable with their overall plant design, construction and operation.

The utilised concrete plant current market typically has a wide variety of will make and products of Erie Strayer offered, but they are a great deal significantly less typical than some of the other models readily available in the secondary market place. Pricing of their gear in the industry may differ widely depending on the age and issue of the plant. It is not unheard of for a 30+ 12 months aged fully operational Erie Strayer plant to come to be accessible in the secondary marketplace. Conversely, there are normally 1990&#39s by means of late 2000&#39s models in several problems offered. Their pricing in the employed market typically mirrors pricing of comparable equipment by distinctive manufactures of the exact same course plant.

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