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VR UFO 5 Seats

VR UFO 5 Seats is a multi-player VR game. It offers a simulated flying saucer experience. The round style uses a combination of blue light and dark metal, which is new and cool, and offers a huge sci-fi visual impact. It also features a 360deg rotation technology that simulates more angles and movements, making the encounter even more exciting!


VR UFO 5 Seats is a new high-tech masterpiece entertainment product. It is an eye-catching starship VR chair with MAX Virtual Reality Movies and Games! With 3DOF free movement electric platform and special effects, it can create a more realistic experience. The design is luxurious and cool, and the rotating propeller with LED light makes you feel like seating in a spaceship. It is an ideal choice for your theme park and attracts more visitors to play!

In the game, players can explore a variety of earth and space environments, and fly through mountains, forests, rivers, oceans, and past planets and stars. The game also features a variety of obstacles that players must avoid, which adds an element of challenge to the gameplay.

The XR technology provides immersive, real-time and interactive virtual reality, allowing you to be immersed in a wide range of immersive experiences. The virtual reality headset is comfortable and lightweight, letting you wear VR UFO 5 Seats it for extended periods of time without feeling any discomfort or pain.

The VR headset also has a built-in rechargeable battery, so you can charge it on the go and enjoy your immersive VR experiences for even longer! In addition, the headset is compatible with multiple devices, including PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. Moreover, it has an ergonomically designed head strap to ensure your comfort and safety while playing.


Designed with a luxurious and cool appearance, the VR UFO is an eye-catching starship for your guests. It has a rotating propeller and LED light, which makes it look like seating in a spaceship. It also features a 3DOF free movement electric platform and 4 kinds of special effects, such as shake, vibration, sweep legs and back poke, which can be synchronized with the screen display to make the experience more realistic. With the high-definition video quality, delicate and lifelike image and Dolby sound system, it can create an amazing virtual world for your guests.

Funinvr VR Magic UFO es entretenimiento VR, la estilo redondo utiliza una combinacion de azul claro y metal oscuro, es nuevo y muy cool, y ofrece un impacto visual de ciencia ficción enorme. La tecnologia de rotación 360deg simula mas angulos y movimientos, haciendo cada encuentro más emocionante!

The space column design houses a quintet of explorers, journeying together through celestial wonders and interstellar mysteries. The space-themed design, coupled with immersive games and movies, helps them feel fully immersed in the experience. Using an easy-to-use joystick, players can control the flying saucer’s direction and speed as they fly through earthly landscapes, space, and beyond. The theater is divided into 5D, 7D, 9D, and 12D, with wind, thunder, lightning, and other simulated effects, as well as configurable 3D/9D effect glasses for a stronger sense of immersion.


VR UFO 5 Seats can play many kinds of virtual reality games,including VR simulation game and virtual movies. It also supports blowing, leg sweeping and vibration effects to make the experience more realistic. In addition, it has 24″ screen to play propaganda video for marketing promotion. The unique sci-fi shape and dynamic lighting of the machine will attract customers to visit. It also has a number of brand-new exclusive special edition content, as well as its own patented synchronous control technology.

The dynamic theater is divided into 5D 7D 9D 12D, with wind, truenos and lightning 12 types of special effects, configure the 3D/9D effect glasses to let the audience experience a stronger sense. The platform is divided into an electric platform and a hydraulic platform, with the electric platform 220 voltage, device with six electric cylinders, with luxury electric control cabinet platform operation; Hydraulic platform 6 hydraulic cylinder device, fuente de alimentación maquinaria electrica de 220V/380 V a la plataforma y controlador, completa todo el funcionamiento de la plataforma.

The scalability of the system is extremely high, allowing it to be easily installed in different venues. This allows you to enjoy immersive virtual reality entertainment wherever you are, even at home! It also provides a new way for people to socialize and communicate with each other, making it more interesting than other simulators.


Whether you’re playing VR games in a virtual reality arcade or at home, it’s important to stay safe. Kids should always wear a helmet and avoid touching any parts of the device, especially the cords, while adults should take care not to fall or drop the headset. It’s also a good idea to set up a Junior Meta account for your child, separate from their existing email address, so strangers can’t learn anything about them or contact them outside of VR.

Moreover, it can also be used in small shopping malls and entertainment parks to provide high-quality immersive experience for families and friends. It also has a low cost and high return on investment, making it an excellent choice for those looking to open their own VR business.

The ufo 5 seats is one of the newest arrival vr games, with its cool UFO appearance design and atmospheric lights. Its high-quality motion simulation can provide a realistic experience for users. Its unique shape and patented technology are perfect for VR enthusiasts. It can support five people at the same time, allowing VR Racing Car for more fun and excitement. It’s easy to use and provides a great way to make memories with your family and friends. It’s the ideal way to spend your free time. It’s a great gift for children and teens alike.

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