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The 9D VR 2 Seats Chair

The 9D VR 2 Seats Chair is a great way to bring your virtual reality experience to life. The system provides a wide range of immersive VR content, from roller coaster rides to space adventures.

Unlike some PC-tethered pods, this virtual reality experience chair is standalone and requires no additional hardware or services. This saves you time and money on tech support.


With its dual seats, this virtual reality chair simulator is ideal for friends or family members who want to 9D VR 2 Seats Chair share the experience together. Its innovative design features a range of exciting VR experiences, from racing with dinosaurs to battling aliens. Its motion platform is designed to shake your legs and feet, resulting in a feeling of real excitement.

The EGG Chair also includes special effects such as leg sweep, back poke and seat vibration. These environmental simulations will make you feel like you’re in the movie, giving you a more immersive and realistic experience. The head tracking technology built into this chair also makes it easier to keep your eyes focused on the screen.

This VR chair is a great choice for anyone who wants to get a taste of the future. It is easy to use and can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The experience is fun and interactive, which is why so many people are clamoring for the chance to try this unique entertainment.

This Virtual Reality Machine has an attractive and futuristic appearance that will draw crowds to your attraction. Its patented crankshaft structure is more stable than other machines on the market, allowing it to run smoothly and reliably. It also comes with a range of exciting theme games that can produce quick and consistent revenue.


Unlike many PC-tethered virtual reality headsets that require a tangled mess of cables, the Star Twin Seat VR delivers an immersive experience without the need for additional hardware or expensive services. This virtual reality pod has built-in head tracking and a power supply capacity that will keep it running for months on end. That means you’ll spend less time trying to figure out technical problems and more time exploring a world filled with carnivorous dinosaurs.

This VR chair is a powerful simulator that features various environmental simulation effects, such as leg sweep, face touch, back poke and vibration. These are all designed to create a more realistic and immersive experience for users. The design of the 9D VR egg chair also makes it easy for anyone to get into, whether they’re tall or short. The adjustable seat depth and synchronous tilt feature will help you find a comfortable position, while the adjustable ear wind and leg sweep will give you an extra sense of immersion.

The Star Twin Seat VR offers a thrilling and exciting experience for two people at the same time, which is perfect for couples or friends who want to share an unforgettable experience together. It has high-quality graphics and immersive sound effects, which will make you feel like you’re actually in the virtual reality world.


The 9D VR 2 Seats Chair is shipped in a secure packaging that includes a VR Egg Chair cardboard box and custom foam inserts for each component of the simulator. This ensures safe shipping and prevents damage to the product during transit. The packaging also contains a full tracking number for each shipment, so customers can monitor the status of their order at all times.

Unlike PC-tethered virtual reality headsets, the 9D VR simulator is a self-contained unit that does not require a computer to function. This means that users will not have to worry about tangled cables or messy setups, and they will be able to focus on enjoying the experience. Additionally, the 9D VR simulator is fully customizable and can be fitted with your own logo, decals, and color scheme.

This new VR simulator has a unique design that enables two people to play at the same time. It is a great choice for amusement parks, shopping malls, and entertainment centers. It is a fun and exciting way to spend time with friends or family.

The all-in-one machine has a small footprint and can be moved to different locations. It is easy to operate and offers high ROI for operators. It also has a lot of features, including an HD display and 5 special effects. These include ear windy, leg tickle, vibration, face windy and back push. This allows players to feel like they are in the game, making it more immersive and exciting.


The 9D VR 2 Seats Chair is a great way to experience virtual reality. It is affordable, and it does not require a console or a PC. In addition, it is a complete system that is easy to set up. This virtual reality pod is a popular choice for amusement parks, shopping malls, and entertainment centers.

It comes with a variety of exciting virtual reality experiences, including roller coaster rides and heart-pumping adventure games. This system is also ideal for couples or friends who want to experience VR together. It is available in a variety of colors and features a unique design that makes it stand out from other VR systems.

With the FuninVR ZY-VR-2D, you can enjoy the latest 9D VR games while enjoying the thrills of a state-of-the-art motion simulator. This model features a 360-degree rotating platform and three degrees of freedom. It can shake your body and sweep your legs while moving in a realistic manner. The ZY-VR-2D is also equipped with a virtual reality headset and joystick controller.

Its head tracking technology helps you stay on target as you run with dinosaurs or slay monsters in the virtual world. It can even help you lock onto targets from across the room, making it a great choice for competitive gaming. This system also removes the need for costly cables and other external hardware, allowing you to spend less time on tech support and more time enjoying your virtual reality experience.

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