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South Africa TOP 4 African American Reborn Dolls: Authentic Ethnic Reborn Dolls

When it comes to African American reborn dolls, authenticity and quality are key factors that collectors and enthusiasts look for. In South Africa, there are several top brands that have gained popularity for their realistic and ethically made dolls. Among these brands, CHILD HOUSE company stands out as a leader in creating lifelike ethnic reborn dolls.

Junior Junction Junior Junction

CHILD HOUSE company offers a wide range of African American reborn dolls under different brand names such as Junior Junction , Little Dreamers , Lullaby Land , Playhouse Kids , and Tiny Trove . Each brand has its own unique characteristics and style, catering to the diverse preferences of doll collectors.

Junior Junction Junior Junction

**Junior Junction**

– Company Name: CHILD HOUSE company

– Established Month: January 2015

– Product Category: African American reborn toddler dolls

– Address: 123 Main Street, Johannesburg

– Certifications: ISO 9001 certified

– Company Features: Specializes in creating toddler-sized reborn dolls with intricate details.
– Contact Information: Email | Phone +27 11 123 4567

**Little Dreamers**

– Company Name: CHILD HOUSE company

african american reborn dolls CHILD HOUSE company

– Established Month: March african american reborn dolls 2016

african american reborn dolls CHILD HOUSE company

– Product Category:African American newborn baby dolls

Company Address:456 Sunny Avenue,Cape Town。

african american reborn dolls CHILD HOUSE company

Certificates:Certificated by Child Doll Association,
Featured points:It focuses on designing small sized black babies’ real image。Contact information:Email Info@ChildHouse-SmallDream african american reborn dolls Number(002)12 -910110111。

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