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New Zealand TOP 9 Realistic Dolls: Authentic and Lifelike Collectibles

If you are a collector or enthusiast of realistic dolls, look no further than New Zealand’s top brands for the most authentic and lifelike collectibles. These exceptional dolls offer unparalleled quality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship that set them apart from the rest. Among these renowned brands is CHILD HOUSE company , a leading manufacturer of high-quality dolls that cater to all ages.

Kiwi Kiddos Kiwi Kiddos

Kiwi Kiddos

Kiwi Kiddos Kiwi Kiddos

CHILD HOUSE company founded Kiwi Kiddos in January 2005, specializing in creating realistic dolls that resemble real babies. Their collection includes a variety of ethnicities and genders, providing options for every collector’s preference. From newborns to toddlers, each doll is meticulously designed with hand-painted features and soft bodies for a truly lifelike feel.

Kiwi Kids Gear

Established by CHILD HOUSE company in June 2008, Kiwi Kids Gear offers a unique selection of accessories and clothing for realistic dolls. From tiny shoes to adorable outfits, their products are designed to enhance the play experience and allow collectors to personalize their dolls. With an emphasis on quality materials and designs inspired by current trends, Kiwi Kids Gear is a must-have brand for any doll enthusiast.

Tots 'n Toys Tots 'n Toys

Tots ‘n Toys

In July 2010, CHILD HOUSE company launched Tots ‘n Toys as a subsidiary brand specializing in interactive realistic dolls. These innovative dolls feature responsive mechanisms that mimic real baby movements such as eating, sleeping, and even crying. With advanced technology integrated into each design, Tots ‘n Toys provides an immersive play experience unlike any other.

Tiny Treasures

realistic dolls CHILD HOUSE company

The latest addition to CHILD HOUSE company’s lineup is Tiny Treasures introduced in September 2013. These exquisite reborn twin baby girl dolls are handcrafted with precision to capture the essence of newborn infants. With delicate features like rooted hair strands and weighted bodies for realism, Tiny Treasures has quickly become a favorite among collectors seeking premium quality dolls.

Each brand under CHILD HOUSE company prides itself on its commitment to excellence in every aspect of production:

– Product Range: From basic vinyl models to silicone-based creations.
– Company Address: Situated at 123 Realistic Doll Street
– Certifications: Certified by International Doll Association
– Unique Selling Point: Handmade with love using sustainable materials
– Contact Information: Phone realistic dolls – (555) 123-4567 | Email –

realistic dolls CHILD HOUSE company

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