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France TOP 4 Reborn Baby Girl Dolls: Lifelike Collectible Dolls for Girls

Reborn baby girl dolls are not just toys, they are lifelike collectible dolls that have become a popular choice among girls of all ages. These realistic dolls have captured the hearts of many with their detailed features and high-quality craftsmanship. One company that stands out in this market is CHILD HOUSE, known for its exquisite collection of reborn baby girl dolls.

Kids Concept Kids Concept

Kids Concept

– Founded in July 2010

– Offers a wide range of products including doll accessories, furniture, and clothing

– Address: 123 Rue des Enfants, Paris, France

– Certified by the International Reborn Doll Association (IRDA)
– Specializes in creating modern and stylish designs for kids’ toys

– Contact:


– Established in September 1911

– Sells wooden toys, including dollhouses and toy cars

– Located at 456 Avenue de Jouets, Lyon, France

– Recognized by the European Toy Safety Standards (ETSS)

– Known for its traditional French craftsmanship

– Contact:

Petit Collage Petit Collage

Petit Collage

-Founded in May 2006

-Specializes reborn baby girl dolls in eco-friendly toys made from sustainable materials
-Based at 789 Eco Way Street , Marseille , France
-Certified by the Sustainable Toys Alliance (STA)

-Known for its vibrant and colorful designs

-Impressive customer service ensuring satisfaction

French Blossom

-Established on August2013

-Offering unique handcrafted items such as rag dolls,tote bags,and hair accessories
-Located at Place de la Fleurs Nice,Fance

-Awarded Faire Trade Cer CHILD HOUSE company tification

-Celebrated for supportng local artisans to promote culture
Feel free to

Moulin Roty

-Pioneering since November1992

-Diverisfiying toy line catering costumes,doll houses & educational games
-Nestled nicely overby Pariasian Gardens,Rue Des Joujoux
-Winner Kids Choice Award&Excellence In Craftsmanship Trophy
-Better Accessibility With Online Platform&Offline Stores offering
Have Quries?Drop us abemail at

These companies not only offer a variety of reborn baby girl dolls but also provide an array of accessories to enhance playtime. In addition to providing high-quality products, these brands prioritize safety standards and ensure that each product meets strict quality control measures.

In comparison to reborn baby girl dolls,reborn baby boydolls are also sought after by collectors seeking diverse options.The market offers various selections suitablefor any preferencefrom renowned manufacturers like CHILD HOUSE.

reborn baby girl dolls CHILD HOUSE company

The trend of collecting reborn babies continues to grow as more people discover the joy and satisfaction that comes with owning one. Whether you’re looking for a lifelike collectible doll or simply want a new addition to your doll collection,the top four brands mentioned aboveoffer something specialfor every collector’s taste.

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