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VR Standing Flight

VR Standing Flight

VR Standing Flight is a unique standing virtual simulation equipment on the market. It mainly experience on simulate flying, skydiving, roller coaster, skiing and rafting etc. Highly immersive interactive games, players can freely control moving direction by head tracking.

Until now, all the existing standing VR systems VR Standing Flight are still abstract. The Omni, for example, only allows you to run while tilting an analog stick forward, and can’t walk up or down stairs, roll, or interact with walls.

1. Full-time dynamic platform

VRMotion’s device is a rotorcraft simulator with a full-scale replica cockpit and a dynamic six-degree-of-freedom motion platform that replicates haptic sensations (like vibration from the main rotor blades or interaction with uneven ground) for a realistic flight experience. The company also developed an in-house system that tracks key points on the pilot’s body to make the avatar move, resulting in an immersive virtual experience with a high degree of realism. The system is 10 times smaller and 20 times less expensive than traditional full-motion simulators, and it cuts the amount of time students spend in the air by up to 60 percent.

In addition to the visual and tactile feedback, the device is designed to track the pilot’s movements with enough precision that the instructor can see them in VR and provide assistance. In this way, the simulator could replace traditional flight training and offer significant savings in flight time and costs for both military and commercial pilots.

The TAM model is a useful tool for understanding user perceptions of immersive technologies, but the intersection between VR and aviation training has received little attention. The use of the TAM factors PENJ and PEXP in the context of VR in aviation training is an important area for further research. Future research should examine the role of SE, which is affected by the belief that one can perform well in VR and by the quality of the simulator.

3. 1080P HD resolution

The 1080p resolution used in VR Standing Flight offers a high-quality image and a comfortable experience. It is the same resolution used by many Blu-ray players and computer monitors. It is also a common resolution for video games, although higher resolutions like 1440p and 4K can provide more realistic experiences and require a better graphics card.

The ‘p’ in 1080p stands for VR Shooting progressive scan, which means that the image is drawn on screen in full each frame rather than interlaced. This is a much more efficient method than the older interlaced scanning technique. It’s also a lot sharper than the previous standard of 720p, which is gradually being phased out.

In addition to the increased quality of the video, 1080p provides a wide range of benefits for consumers. For example, it can reduce the size of files and make them easier to transfer or stream. It can also help to improve the performance of some devices and applications.

Moreover, it is widely supported or required by many applications and devices, such as smartphones, TVs, monitors, and game consoles. It is also the recommended video resolution for YouTube and TikTok videos. In addition, it is the default display resolution for most Blu-ray discs. It is also the highest resolution available for HDMI video connections. It is therefore a good choice for consumers who want to get the best quality from their equipment.

4. No dead ends

We offer 9D VR egg cinema, can use in the mall or other places full of people. One ticket for one movie experience.

The settings menu allows you to control a wide variety of simulation settings, including those related to sound, graphics, networking configurations and data input/output. You can also view the current frame rate, in f-act / sec, at the top of the screen during flight.

Standing VR still has so many challenges to overcome before it comes close to removing all abstraction and resembling actual physical movement that you can feel, such as running up slopes, climbing stairs or touching walls.

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