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Top 5 Arcade Games

F1 Arcade is opening a new venue in Boston Seaport, the first US location of this premium and exclusive entertainment experience. The venue features simulator rigs from cockpit manufacturer Vesaro and haptic feedback.

Boosting through tight corners and drifting on crazy jumps rewards players with filling up their boost meter. This makes the game one driving simulator arcade hundred percent arcade bliss.

Hard Drivin’ Simulator Arcade Game

Hard Drivin’ Simulator Arcade Game invites you to take control of a Ferrari Testarossa on courses that are heavy on stunts and speed. It was one of the first games to use a simulator cabinet that offered force feedback and a custom graphics interface to give players an authentic experience.

The game is a bit of a mess, but the rocking main theme song (by C64 legend Uncle Art) and the high-octane music track at the end of a race kind of redeem it somewhat. The rest of the gameplay is a bit disappointing, though. There are just two tracks, a racing circuit and a stunt track that offers drawbridges, banked turns and a vertical loop.

The driving simulation is pretty solid, but the way the game handles collisions or unrealistic events is a bit frustrating. Once your car goes off the road, a 10 second countdown begins and if you don’t make it back on the road before that time is up then it’s adios amigos. The artificial stupidity of the other cars on the track doesn’t help matters either – they seem to have no inclination to avoid you, even when they are on a direct collision course.

Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade

Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade is a high-quality arcade racing game that is sure to delight gamers of all ages. It features a variety of amazing cars, including Porsches and Lamborghinis, and is free to play. This game also offers a number of upgrades and new cars for players to unlock. It also has a Career mode where players can earn rewards for winning races.

However, this game has some serious issues with its microtransaction mechanics. It uses just about every trick in the book to try and get players to spend money on it. This includes multiple forms of currency, lootboxes that are like McDonald’s Monopoly stickers that need to be collected, and more.

Thankfully, the game is still fun to play even with these annoying issues. The gameplay is fast and frantic, and the visuals are stunning. Plus, the motion base provides a thrilling ride that is sure to wow customers and drive revenue for your arcade.

ATV Slam

Powered by Unreal Engine 4, ATV Slam delivers an exhilarating game experience that is ideal for both casual and core players. Control speed, direction and brakes using high quality handles, while enjoying superior graphics delivered on a 47inch HD monitor.

Designed to elevate the aesthetics of your location, ATV Slam DLX is the perfect fit for locations seeking an attraction that transcends traditional gaming. This sensational cabinet features a life-sized realistic quadbike with huge LED-lit wheels, chrome engine compartment and stylish liveries that demand players attention. Exotic environments, wind effects and razor sharp console quality graphics delivered by ‘Unreal Engine 4’ along with a pounding 2.1 channel soundtrack will have player’s adrenaline pumping as they race to the finish line boosting and pulling stunts to gain those all-important upgrade points!

Overall MX vs ATV Alive is a good racing game that should please the fans of this franchise, however it does fall vr headsets short on providing enough content to justify its $40 price tag. Regardless it’s still a fun experience that is well worth the investment and will surely see many return visits as a result of its impressive controls, gameplay and graphical quality.

Super Bikes

Super Bikes, the latest in Raw Thrills’ line of bike-based racing arcade games, is the most advanced and detailed machine ever produced by the company. It features a new cabinet design with bolder, more aggressive styling, a hyper-realistic environment that includes weather and explosions, four excellent tracks with high replay value, and eight tricked out bikes. Super Bikes has been a major hit for many locations, generating solid income with a great fan following. This is one of the best-selling bike-based racing games on the market.

GRID 42′′

The GRID series is well established, but this latest installment doesn’t just boast the usual collection of cars and tracks. It also features more than 400 rival and teammate personalities, with each giving you different race strategies. Want to race hard and give no quarter in a Penske-style car, or prefer the Schumacher-era Ferrari style of compliant teamwork? The choice is yours.

GRID 42′′ features eight road racing circuits from around the world, with stunning graphics in 4K HDR. There’s a range of different events, too, from the early Touring Car category – where you can cruise along the straights of Silverstone and Brands Hatch under quintessential British slate grey skies – to the opulent GT category, where you can thrum a Dodge Viper or slam a Ferrari into the harbourside corners of Havana. Plus, the game’s realism is further enhanced with “true damage modeling,” with results such as broken glass, flapping hoods and dragging bumpers on show.

Despite a few bumps – boost gates in electric cars feel gimmicky, and the AI can sometimes be bafflingly slow to recover from major crashes – Grid Legends is a satisfying experience. It may not revolutionise the genre, or even live long in the memory, but it does deliver plenty of thrills behind the wheel, and has enough variety to satisfy both arcade and sim fans alike.

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