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Top 5 Racing Game Simulator Games

Racing game simulators have become popular with hard-core motorsport fans. They are based on laser-scanned tracks with advanced physics engines and detailed car models. They can even feature dynamic weather and track conditions.

They can also be enhanced with haptic feedback systems, such as rumble seats and motion control sensors. These are expensive add-ons, but can make the experience more immersive.

Project Cars 2

Project Cars 2 may have landed a bit late to the sim racing party, launching after GT Sport and Forza Motorsport 7, but Slightly Mad Studios has nailed it where it counts. The game’s visual fidelity is stunning, and even running on the base Xbox One console you can see some amazing details in the cars and track surfaces. The weather effects are superb too, and the way the puddles appear on the track as you drive through them is particularly impressive.

The authenticity also reaches into the cars themselves, with a great deal of attention to detail that helps to capture the feel of each vehicle. There are 180 accurately crafted vehicles to choose from, with an incredible range of automotive machinery across almost every motorsport category. Historic F1, production cars, IndyCar and even motorsports like WEC and LMP1/LMP2 are all represented.

Braking can be a tricky skill to master, and there’s something satisfying about nailing the exact point at which you cut the corner. The game’s sound design is terrific too, with a wealth of whines, squeals and clunks that give the game an extra layer of depth.

There’s a huge amount of gameplay on offer here, with nine motorsport disciplines and 29 series represented, along with 140 “living” track layouts in 60 different locations. There’s no monthly subscription fee, either, which makes this a real bargain compared to the likes of iRacing and RaceRoom Racing Experience.

Gran Turismo Sport

For years, the Gran Turismo series has been automotive escapism. Except for spin-off prologue games, the mainline titles largely followed the same formula. Earn credits by winning races, then use those riches to build up a sprawling collection of virtual cars.

But with GT Sport, Polyphony Digital tries to take the franchise in a new direction. Not only are the graphics jaw dropping – and they really are – but there’s a lot of small touches that make the game feel more air hockey game machine realistic than most other racing games. For example, there’s a cool little animation that shows the driver regularly checking the map as he drives, just like a real race car driver would.

The game features a range of vehicles from many different manufacturers. It also includes the first Porsche cars in a Gran Turismo game, after Electronic Arts lost the exclusive licensing rights for the brand (previously RUF was used as a stand-in). The game is available in several different editions, including the Spec II version that comes with most of the free game updates since launch.

Another interesting feature is the ability to customize the exterior of a car with a livery editor. This allows you to choose a unique paint job, and even add some stickers and logos. You can even share your creations with other players.

Rally Legends

Rally Legends is a rally game that takes you into the heart of this unique sport. For about a one mile radius, every tuft of flat ground is transformed into a makeshift service area where hundreds of competing crews spend an afternoon prepping their cars for the day ahead.

Using a real world car setup and the new physics engine, Codemasters has rebuilt the physical simulation to better convey the sensation of tackling different surfaces and weather conditions. Every detail matters, from the height and stiffness of suspensions to the way loose surfaces collect under the wheels during lateral sliding.

The result is a highly immersive experience where you race on the edge of control across a range of surfaces like gravel, ice, and tarmac while accounting for mechanical damage and balancing time-limited repairs. Stages string together into a marathon-like test of endurance and concentration as you trust your co-driver and tussle with the elements for that perfect run.

The game was created to promote the 2022 edition of the Rally Legends event, a rally championship in San Marino that brings together classic cars, influencers and celebrities. The campaign was a hit, resulting in Grubhub setting the record for highest order volume per minute for a livestream. This was accomplished by working with 3 top Twitch streamers who partnered with the brand to promote the offer.

Need for Speed

Need for Speed is one of the most popular racing game franchises, offering players a chance to drive exotic cars on scenic race tracks. The Need for Speed series has evolved over the years, but its gameplay remains similar across titles. The games usually include a career mode where the player completes a set of races to win a specific car and track. The player can upgrade the vehicle with performance upgrades, and can compete against friends in online races.

The first Need for Speed game took place in real world locations and featured traffic, but since Need for Speed: Underground, the series has been set in fictional cities with a focus on import/tuner culture. The series also shifted from racing sports cars on scenic point-to-point courses to street racing.

Developed by Criterion Games, known for the Burnout series, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit ditched the live-action cutscenes and car customization of earlier Need for Speed games Dance Game Machine in favor of high-octane action driving. The game features a fast-paced overworld and races, and allows the player to compete as either a racer or police officer. The game also includes bounty missions and challenges, as well as the ability to compare your performance to others online with Autolog.

In 2017, Need for Speed Payback was released, developing a different style of gameplay. This title is a reboot of the Need for Speed series, taking inspiration from the Fast and Furious film franchise.

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