Sat. May 25th, 2024

Funinvr VR UFO 5 Seats

Funinvr VR Magic UFO is a virtual reality flying saucer that allows players to experience the sensation of riding in a simulated space ship. The game is designed to allow players to navigate through a variety of different earth and space environments, including mountains, forests, oceans, and planets. The machine also features a number of exclusive special edition games and supports blowing, leg sweeping, and vibration effects.


Funinvr VR Magic UFO allows players to experience a simulated flying saucer ride VR UFO 5 Seats through earth and space environments. The game includes a variety of landscapes including mountains, forests, oceans, and even planets and stars. It also features obstacles like asteroids and comets that players must avoid.

The unique sci-fi shape of the UFO provides a visual impact. Eight million color LED lights psychedelic effect, breath mode transforms light and shade every 10 second gradually.


The unique sci-fi shape design and eight million color LED lights psychedelic effect of the UFO bring more visual impact to the customers. It can also support blowing, leg sweeping and vibration effects to enrich the VR experience. The new patented synchronous control technology makes the experience ahead of the peers. It supports a number of exclusive special edition games. Its drainage effect is excellent. It is a perfect choice for VR Movies & Games experience projects.


The UFO appearance is more novel compared to other black hardware products in the market, which provides customers with a refreshing feeling. In addition, it also improves the effect of publicity and venue management. The UFO is able to play all kinds of VR Movies and Games experience projects, including Roller Coaster, Space Adventure, Dinosaur, and etc. Besides, the UFO can also look up via first person perspective mode to watch the sky around it.

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