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How to Find a Game Console Supplier on EC21

Video game consoles are predesigned pieces of electronic hardware that can connect to a television or other display device and be controlled with special controllers. They may also be handheld and include built-in screen and controller functions.

Buyers have a great deal of bargaining power in the console market. They buy them at retail prices, which are influenced by a variety of factors.


EC21 is one of the world’s largest B2B marketplaces, connecting global buyers with suppliers. Its platform is used by over 3.5 million business people every month to communicate, exchange trade inquiries and promote products and services. It also offers a range of specialized digital marketing services for suppliers.

Founded in 1997, the company is based in Seoul, South Korea. Its business-to-business marketplace has more than 10 million registered suppliers and nearly 7 billion product listings. Its e-commerce services include free and premium membership services, advanced e-marketing tools, and a variety of sourcing solutions. The company also offers private company information, expert technology analysis, and business-to-business networking.

Its business-to-business marketplace allows sellers to manage their online catalog of products composed of up-to-date product information. EC21’s platform helps companies find new trading partners and grow their business internationally. Its user-friendly system makes it easy for members to create their own homepage, post trade inquiries, and negotiate with international buyers.

EC21 recently launched an office in Coimbatore, India, which will provide local support to its global customers. The Indian office will be led by V. Suresh Kumar, who will have a team of dedicated sales and service professionals operating out of strategic locations around the country. In addition to this, the Indian office will offer a special promotional package for the country’s sellers.


The global gaming console market is driven by the rising popularity of e-sport tournaments Game console supplier and continued technological advancements in gaming hardware. These trends are boosting the demand for gaming consoles, especially among millennials. The growing integration of gaming consoles with advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, and high-definition displays, is further driving the market.

A gaming console is a specialized computer that is designed primarily for playing video games. It consists of a central unit that connects to a display screen, such as a television, and one or more controllers for player input. Gaming consoles are optimized for rendering graphics and executing game mechanics, and provide an immersive and interactive gaming experience. They can also offer additional features, such as internet connectivity and digital content downloads.

Gamers are increasingly seeking a single platform that can handle gaming, streaming movies, and social media, which is the key driver of the market. Furthermore, the rising number of stay-at-home cultures due to factors such as remote work and health concerns has increased the demand for quality in-home entertainment, further boosting console sales.

The global gaming console market can be segmented into home consoles, handheld consoles, microconsoles, and dedicated consoles. Home consoles hold the majority of the market share. The market can be further analyzed by region and country to identify the fastest-growing markets.

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A gaming console is a computer that specializes in rendering graphics and executing game mechanics to create an immersive interactive experience. They are designed to connect to a display screen, such as a television, and offer a range of other features, including internet connectivity and digital content downloads. These features have expanded the appeal of gaming consoles to a broad audience, from dedicated gamers to families seeking versatile entertainment options.

The global market for gaming consoles is growing rapidly, driven by a number of factors. These include the escalating popularity of esports tournaments and a rising trend towards multifaceted home entertainment systems. The increasing integration of gaming consoles with advanced technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality, is also fueling growth. The global market for gaming consoles is also expanding into Asia, where economic growth and increased disposable incomes are driving demand.

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The global gaming console market is driven by a significant rise in video games and their popularity on social media platforms. Continual innovations in hardware to boost processing speeds, enhance graphics and provide a better user experience is also driving the growth of this industry. A thriving e-sports scene is creating a virtuous cycle in the market, encouraging both new and existing players to invest in more advanced gaming accessories and consoles. Additionally, growing emphasis on social responsibility is fueling the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable consoles.

Aside from gaming, consoles are increasingly used as multifaceted entertainment hubs. Many modern consoles are integrated with streaming services and offer voice recognition functionality, attracting a wide demographic, including those who may not be primarily gamers. These features, along with the proliferation of smart home technology, are boosting console sales.

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