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Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Motorised Sunshade Electric Roller Blind

Motorized shades are convenient and offer a level of luxury that is not available with other window treatments. They can be hard-wired or battery powered and are compatible with most smart home automation systems.

They are also safe for children and pets as they eliminate cords that pose strangulation hazards. Additionally, the automated features of these blinds can deter unwanted people from entering your home when you are away.


A range of upgrade options allow you to tailor your smart shades to match the rest of your home. For example, some manufacturers offer valances and cornices that provide a stylish topper for your shade, while others can customize the mounting style. You can also opt for a continuous cord loop lift or a motorized lift to eliminate the pull cord and make your shade safer for homes with children and pets.

Other options let you tweak the opacity of your shades. Choose from light filtering fabrics with different degrees of transparency or go with a full blackout option that blocks almost all outside light. Some brands even offer dual shades that lower a light-filtering fabric when you want to preserve the view while enjoying natural sunlight, then drop room-darkening fabric when you’re ready for privacy.

Another major customization is the ability to integrate your smart blinds with a variety of home automation systems. Serena by Lutron has Sunshade Electric Roller Blind a line of wireless insulated roller and honeycomb smart shades that work with the company’s Caseta dimmers, switches, and outlets. Their smart shades use Wi-Fi and a bridge to connect to your home’s network, and they support HomeKit integration with both Google Assistant and Alexa. They’re available as a professionally installed solution, or DIY kits for most window sizes. IKEA’s FYRTUR blackout blinds are similarly easy to set up and use. They work with the TRADFRI gateway to enable HomeKit integration, and they have a rechargeable battery that lasts for months between charges.

Smart Control

Whether you want to schedule your blinds to open in the morning as the sun rises or close to block out the afternoon heat, motorized shades can make it easier than ever to adjust your window treatments. These options come in a wide range of colors, styles, price points and compatibility with smart home systems.

For motorized blinds and shades to be considered smart, they need more than just a motor—they also need a communication protocol that carries command and control messages from the remote to the shade. This can be an ethernet cable (as with the Powershades TruePoE shades we reviewed), a wireless solution like Z-Wave, or a proprietary system from companies that also manufacture other smart products in your home.

Smart blinds typically connect to your Wi-Fi network via a gateway that serves as an intermediary between the motor and your smartphone, allowing you to control them with a mobile app. They can also be integrated into your smart home with features like a programmable timer that opens or closes the shades at specific times, and they can work with voice-controlled assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

For a more affordable option, consider Levolor InMotion Motorization. It allows you to upgrade your existing cellular, roller or natural woven shades to a smart solution with a mobile app and voice commands. You can even add a 15-channel remote to the mix for more control.

Battery Operated

Many of the smart features that come with motorized blinds require a battery or another power source to function. This makes them more expensive than their manually operated counterparts, and the price can vary depending on how you choose to power your new window treatments.

For the lowest cost, consider a rechargeable battery option for your motorized shades. This can be a great solution for smaller windows, as the cords that connect to the motor are less visible than those on hard-wired blinds. However, they may not be as efficient or quiet as hard-wired options with a built-in AC motor from a company like Lutron.

Another great option is a solar-powered motorized shade. This shade draws energy from a solar panel installed behind the window and can save you money over time on Sunshade Electric Roller Blind your electricity bill, while also helping the environment. However, this type of shade can be obstructed by your roof, awning, or even the direction of your home, so it’s important to think about before making a purchase.

Finally, you can also install a smart plug, which connects your motorized shades to an outlet and can be hidden behind drapery for a clean look. This is a middle ground between hard-wired shades and a battery-powered motor, but it can still leave you with visible power cords running down your window sill.


Motorisation adds an extra level of functionality to your window treatments. However, like any technology, it can sometimes breakdown or stop working like it used to. This can be due to a variety of reasons from a simple battery change to a more complex issue.

Motorised Roller Blinds Won’t Stay Down

If your motorised shades aren’t staying down this may be due to a loose spring coil. This is easy to fix and can be done by pulling the shade down and then removing it from the brackets, while still keeping the shade attached to the head rail. Then, roll the shade up by hand, being sure to roll it evenly, and then remount the shade. This should increase the tension in the internal spring and solve the problem.

My Motorised Roller Blinds Are Too Slow

If your motorised blinds are moving too slowly this can often be caused by a dirty ratchet (technically the pawl) mechanism. To fix this, start by pulling down your shade halfway and then removing it from the brackets. Once the shade is removed, use a toothpick to remove any dirt or dust around the ratchet. Then, simply lubricate the mechanism with some WD-40 and your blinds should work as they should again. If this doesn’t help, you can always have a professional repair company come in and take care of the job.

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