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Mens Cardigan

Men’s Cardigan

The cardigan waxes and wane in popularity but should be a staple of every wardrobe. Wear a mens cardigan over a tee or henley with jeans and leather boots or chukkas.

While the cardigan has long had a reputation Men’s Cardigan for being an old-man sweater, it is making a comeback with high-fashion designers. Look for a mens cardigan with horn or mother of pearl buttons, wooden toggles, or zippers.


Men’s cardigan can be worn as an outer layer on a warm day or used in place of a light jacket under a suit. The garment has a preppy heritage but spliced with streetwear styles and is becoming more versatile than ever before. Argyle, houndstooth and stripes are traditional patterns for this style of sweater but solid colors are also common. The shape of a men’s cardigan should fit close to the body at the shoulders, taper down through the chest and abdomen and be long enough to cover your belt.

A men’s cardigan can be closed with buttons, toggles or a zipper. Buttons are the most classic choice for a gentlemanly look, while toggles are more casual. Zippers, however, can create protrusions that detract from the clean lines of a tailored look and can give the impression you are wearing a sweatshirt.

When choosing a buttoned cardigan, it is recommended to leave the bottom button unfastened. This allows the cardigan to adapt better to a seated position and prevents it from bunching around the waist. Some men may even choose to leave all of the buttons open for a more relaxed and informal look.


Cardigans come in a range of textiles from acrylic on the cheap end to heavy wool and wool blends that feel refined and upscale. In terms of construction, there are flat knits reminiscent of traditional sweaters as well as 3 dimensional weaves that add texture and interest. In terms of patterns, you can find traditional mens argyle, houndstooth, Aran and stripes or go more contemporary with a geometric pattern or even a Prince of Wales check.

Whatever fabric you choose, the fit is important. Look for the shoulders to end right on top of your shoulder and the sleeves to stop at the top of your wrist (no drooping). The bottom of the hem should be just long enough to cover the waistline of your trousers without covering your pockets. The neckline is less critical but still important. You want to avoid the boxy cut of a mens v-neck and instead opt for a mock neck that allows you to show off your tie or bow tie with your shirt beneath.

You can also look for mens cardigans that have zippers for an alternative that feels both edgy and casual. However, I would recommend avoiding these for the same reasons that you should avoid zipped hoodies: They lack the structure of a jacket and can be difficult to pair with a tailored suit or blazer.


Cardigans are an unsung hero of layered outfits, combining the warmth of functional outdoors gear with the suave look of suits. Choose a cardigan in a color that suits your skin tone and will pair well with most of your wardrobe.

A cardigan for men should fit you like a jacket, flattering your frame by narrowing at the rib cage and widening slightly around your stomach. A shawl collar cardigan will give you an extra bit of structure, while a zipped men?s cardigan can be casual or even semi-formal and look great paired with a button-up dress shirt.

A well-chosen men?s cardigan can elevate a simple short-sleeve t-shirt into a stylish ensemble. In the right shade, a long t-shirt or tank top will also pair well with most men?s cardigan styles. Slim-fit jeans in dark or navy blue will add a sleek fashionable finish to the outfit, while raw washes and darker colors work best with some of the more casual men?s cardigan styles. While a cardigan may have a slightly old-school reputation, it can still look youthful and up-to-date when styled properly. It embodies maturity and a sense of security, rather than faddishness and instability. Whether you?re channeling Mr. Rogers or Kurt Cobain, you can project the same kind of confidence that makes a man feel comfortable and secure in his own skin.


A cardigan should fit snugly in the shoulders, taper slightly through the chest and belly and hang low enough to cover your belt. A loose fit will make you look saggy, but a tight fit can restrict your movement and feel uncomfortable.

Many brands produce classic, timeless cardigans that look great with jeans and a T-shirt. The range is huge, so you can find a wool blend or Men’s Cardigan cotton version that suits your style. The best brands produce high-quality garments at reasonable prices. For example, Iowa-born designer Todd Snyder produces effortless everyday luxuries for men that combine Savile Row craftsmanship with a downtown New York aesthetic.

Some brands play with the structure of the cardigan. Mango produces a neat stand collar version while J.Crew and L.L Bean offer thick shawl neck options. Other brands like Allsaints and NN07 skip front buttons altogether.

Bonobos was founded to solve the problem of poorly fitting pants, and they’ve expanded into awesome shirts, suits, swimwear and, yes, cardigans. Some of their designs feature innovative materials like recycled polyester and organic cotton, which they claim will wick away moisture so you don’t sweat. Others are more traditional, and come in a huge range of colours, fabrics, styles and sizes.

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