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John Deere LED Work Light

John Deere LED Work Light

Work safer and longer with this high quality LED work light for your John Deere tractor. LED technology provides up to 3X more brightness than halogen and emits an eerie white color that mimics natural sunlight for less eye strain. Easy plug-and-play installation keeps the original look of your equipment while supercharging it’s functionality. Replaces the Front Upper Cab or Fender/Work Light on premium John Deere tractors and sprayers, or the boom work light on Hitachi excavators and Case backhoe loaders, skid steers, and trenchers.

Brighter Light

Having more light on your John Deere tractor or farm equipment makes night shifts safer and easier to work through. LEDs are up to 330 percent brighter than standard sealed beam lights, so you can see further down the field, around corners and in between rows. Additionally, the brighter light helps you spot obstacles and debris on the road to prevent accidents.

LEDs are also designed to last longer than other lighting options. They can withstand the harsh environments where you operate your farm equipment, including high vibration, dirt and dust. These lights are engineered with durable polycarbonate lenses that resist fracturing, die-cast aluminum housing to provide strength and hardness and stainless steel hardware for corrosion resistance. The LEDs use a special heat sink to disperse heat and extend the lifespan of the light.

These LED lights have a built-in radio and electromagnetic interference filter to eliminate unwanted radio and electromagnetic frequencies from external sources. The lights are RoHS compliant and meet IP68 standards for waterproof and dustproof protection.

Upgrade your John Deere tractors with these plug and play replacement LED lights. They easily replace the Front Upper Cab and Boom Work Light on Hitachi and John Deere Excavators, as well as the Left-Hand or Right-Hand Front Upper Fender or Work Light on Case Backhoe Loaders, Skid Steers or Trenchers and John Deere Fell Bunchers or Wheel Loaders. These LED lights install in seconds and maintain the original appearance of your machine without altering existing wiring connections.

Longer Lifespan

LED work lights produce more light for less energy than traditional bulbs. This means that they can last significantly longer without burning out or needing to be replaced. They also operate at much cooler temperatures than metal halide or high-pressure sodium lights, which makes them safer for operator use and eliminates the risk of accidental burns caused by hot bulbs. They also don’t emit any hazardous gases or vapors, so they are environmentally friendly.

This fender-mount or pedestal LED light provides 2130 effective lumens which is up to double the light output of previous models. It’s a great upgrade for John Deere tractors, as it John Deere LED Work Light can be used to illuminate areas such as cabs and brushguards for better visibility during nighttime operation. This model also draws fewer amps than older bulbs, making it easier on your tractor’s battery and alternator.

Choose the right LED work lamp by comparing the wattage and lumen of each option to find one that will fit your needs. You can also compare the beam pattern of each model to find one that will best illuminate your desired area. Wide flood patterns are best for general area lighting, while narrower patterns such as pencil beam are best for spotlighting objects in close-range. The IP rating is another important factor to consider, as it indicates how waterproof and dust proof the fixture is.

Reduced Eye Strain

Unlike halogen lights that can cause eye strain and discomfort, LEDs emit light in the color of natural sunlight. This helps to reduce eye fatigue, so you can continue working around the clock. Plus, they use up to 75-percent less electrical power than a halogen light, so they’re easier on your battery and alternator.

With a wide variety of different LED work light patterns, you’ll be able to select the one that best fits your needs. Choose from a flood pattern to illuminate large areas or opt for a trapezoidal pattern that provides more general illumination.

Another benefit of choosing a LED work light for your John Deere is that it will help to reduce shadows and reflections. This means that you can see more clearly, even when working in tight spaces or over rough terrain.

These LED lights are designed to be a direct replacement for the existing cab lights on premium John Deere models. This makes them a great option for those who want to upgrade the lighting on their machine but don’t want to deal with a complicated retrofit project. Their plug-and-play functionality allows you to install them quickly and easily without disturbing the original wiring. With their OEM-style appearance and powerful performance, these LED lights are a great way to improve your John Deere.

Easy to Install

Light up the night with a high-tech LED work light that’s easy to install. Our lights are designed to fit the same mount configuration and wiring as OEM lights on John Deere machinery for quick, easy installation. Plus, they’re up to 330% brighter than halogen and reduce the amount of electricity your machine draws.

With an adjustable swivel base, you can focus the powerful spread of light exactly where you need it. You’ll be able to see that hard-to-reach spot during daylight or at night and stay safer on the jobsite.

The kit comes with two LED work lights for the open-station compact utility tractors. They have a wide flood light pattern with an approximate area of 4400 lumens. This is an impressive figure, especially when you consider that the light can John Deere LED Work Light be aimed in any direction and doesn’t need to be pointed directly at the testing sensor.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your cab lighting or add work lights and warning lights to your tractor, Everything John Deere Gator has the right product for you. From rocker-style work light switches to plug-and-play wiring harnesses / electrical connectors, we have all the accessories you need to turn your John Deere XUV into the ultimate off-road LED lighting system.

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