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PU leather tablet case

How to Design a PU Leather Tablet Case

The case is a great choice for tablet users as it is lightweight and provides good protection against scratches, dust, and drops. Its PU leather exterior and microfiber interior make it a stylish choice for any tablet.

Dye-sublimation is the process used by manufacturers to apply your design to blank tablet cases. It involves transferring the color directly into the material through heat and pressure.


A tablet case protects the device from dust, scratches, and accidental drops. It should be made of a high-quality material that is durable and lightweight, while being soft and comfortable to hold. It should also fit the tablet snugly and be easy to open and close.

PU leather is a popular choice for tablet cases, as it offers both protection and a luxurious look. It is also affordable and comes in a variety of colors and designs. Some cases have a carrying handle for kids, as well as a built-in stand to keep the tablet at an ergonomic angle.

Another option for tablet cases is neoprene. This PU leather tablet case material is a good choice for children because it is durable and lightweight. It is also flexible, so it won’t damage the tablet. However, it does not offer as much protection as a leather case.

Depending on the type of tablet you have, you may need a case that can provide more protection. Some cases have a built-in screen protector, while others have a fold-over cover that protects the screen. If you’re purchasing a case that has a built-in screen protector, make sure it has a rubber bumper around the edges and a soft material where it touches the screen. Also, ensure that it can withstand multiple drop tests and is water-resistant.


A tablet case can add a touch of class to your device, while protecting it from scratches and dents. It should also fit snugly and not feel bulky. It should be made of high quality materials, including durable PU leather. It should also have a sturdy clasp to keep your tablet secure. The material should be anti-yellowing, reducing oxidation and discoloration. It should also be waterproof, to protect your tablet from water damage.

The design of a PU leather tablet case should be sleek and stylish. It should be available in a variety of colors, and it should match your style. Depending on your preference, you can also choose cases with different features, such as a built-in stand and card slots.

PU leather is a popular choice for tablet cases. It is more affordable than genuine leather, and it looks and feels similar to it. However, it can be prone to staining and scuffing. It may also not be as breathable as other materials, causing it to trap heat and moisture.

When buying a PU leather tablet case, look for one that is vegan-friendly. Avoid products that are described as genuine leather, as these are likely made from recycled materials. Instead, opt for a product that uses real leather and is made from the highest-quality materials. A good PU leather tablet case will be strong and durable, and it should also protect the screen from scratches.


The quality of your tablet case’s printing can make or break the overall design. You’ll want to use a high-resolution digital print method that produces vibrant colors and crisp details. Some manufacturers also use UV curing technology, which uses ultra-violet light to dry or cure the ink as it’s printed on your case, which results in a more durable finish.

When choosing a tablet case manufacturer, ask them for samples of their past work. Most serious manufacturers will have no problem sending you a few samples of their work to help you make an informed decision. You should also find out where they manufacture their products and what their minimum order quantities are.

It’s important to consider your target audience when designing your tablet case. For example, a keyboard feature might be useful for office workers, but it may not be practical for people who need their tablet to travel with them. It’s also a good idea to look at the materials and construction of your case to ensure it will be comfortable and functional for the intended user.

When choosing a color scheme for your tablet case, you’ll want to keep in mind the basics of color theory. A harmonious color scheme will engage the viewer and create an inner sense of order and balance in the visual experience. Non-harmonious colors, on the other hand, can overwhelm the viewer and create a negative emotional response.


If you are a tablet case designer, it is important to know the basic rules of good design. This includes PU leather tablet case balancing the aesthetics of the case with the function and protection that it offers. It also means avoiding poor materials and manufacturing processes that will cause the case to wear quickly or damage your device.

The first step is to screen potential manufacturers by asking them to send samples of their past work. You can then make a decision about which one to hire. Serious manufacturers will be happy to provide you with samples at no extra cost. They should also be able to tell you the production time and costs, shipping times and any tariffs that may apply.

You should also consider the type of printing that will be used. Some cases are branded with a logo or design using dye sublimation, which is a digital printing technology that allows your manufacturer to transfer full-color artwork directly onto the tablet case. Other cases are branded using masterbatch, which is a coloration method that applies colored pigments to plastic during the molding process.

Another important factor is the manufacturer’s minimum order quantity (MOQ). This will vary by factory, but it is a reflection of the amount of work required to produce your design. The more cases you order, the less each individual case will cost.

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