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bi xenon projector lens

Advantages of a Bi Xenon Projector Lens

If you don’t have a projector lens, the light from a xenon bulb will not be centered and could cause glare to other drivers. This is dangerous for them and you as well.

Royalin mini h1 projector lens can solve this problem and make your car safe at night. The dual-core design improves the brightness of the high beam and low beam.

High Beam

As its name suggests, a bi-xenon projector can do high and low beam on one headlight. It is achieved by using a special cutoff shield inside the chrome bowl that stops part of the light from emitting when your high beams are on. This shield is controlled by a solenoid which, when powered, will push or pull the cutoff shield down and expose more of the lens to emit light and create a high beam pattern. When the high beams are off, the cutoff shield is pulled back up to prevent glare from blinding oncoming traffic.

The resulting high beam is brighter, more concentrated, with no scatted light and wider than regular projector lenses. This is why most people choose to retrofit a bi-xenon projector in their car as it improves the look of the headlights while also giving better road visibility.

It is important to note that not all bi xenon projectors will work with every HID bulb type. Some will only work with the original halogen bulbs which come stock in your vehicle and others may need additional wiring or modifications to ensure they work properly. Make sure that you purchase a quality bi-xenon projector kit that is matched with the correct bulbs for your vehicle. Royalin Mini h1 is an ideal example of a high quality, well-matched bi-xenon projector that will fit your car and work with any HID bulb type.

Low Beam

Compared to the original headlight, the high-power xenon projector lens has advantages of widening light beam, stronger penetration, no scatted light and higher brightness. Moreover, it complies with European road safe rules, bi xenon projector lens so that it will give you nice visibility at night and drive safely.

A xenon bulb has a tungsten electrode at one end and a metal shield at the other. When it is powered, a high voltage pulse is used to create an electrical arc between these two electrodes and ionizes the xenon gas inside the lamp. The ionized xenon gas then emits light, which is projected through the projector lens and distributed evenly across the vehicle’s headlamps.

The bi-xenon projector lens has a cutoff shield in the middle that can move up and down to allow or block a portion of the light from passing through. When the high-beam mode is activated, a solenoid inside the housing pulls this shield down to expose more of the light through the lens – this produces the high beam pattern. When the low-beam mode is activated, the shield rises to stop the light from passing through the lens, which prevents glare from oncoming traffic.

The Royalin Mini H1 bi-xenon twinkit is designed to work with the original headlight halogen bulbs or a xenon plug and play kit. It is a simple, quick and safe way to upgrade your car light.


A bi xenon projector is a special kind of headlight that can run both high and low beams at the same time. It has a shield to stop the light from going beyond the cutoff line for the low beams, so that other drivers do not get blinded. When the high beams are activated a solenoid inside the housing actuates and drops this shield, allowing more of the light to escape above the cutoff point, giving you instant high beams.

Unlike regular headlights that use separate HID bulbs for the high and low beams, a bi-xenon headlight uses one bulb for both purposes. This is done by utilizing a different set of ballasts and ignitors for the two functions. This allows the HIDS to produce the brighter hot spot that is desired for high-beam illumination, while the low-beam mode keeps the intensity lower so that it does not blind oncoming traffic.

Having a bi-xenon headlight system can be a great addition to your car. It will provide you with a better lighting experience, especially at night when it is most common to drive. However, it is important to note that you bi xenon projector lens should not install HIDS into a halogen reflector headlight housing as this will cause the light to produce glare for other drivers. It is best to install a HIDS in a projector lens that has been designed specifically for this purpose. Royalin offers several types of bi-xenon projector lenses, including the mini h1 and Kioto Q5, so that you can find the perfect fit for your vehicle.


The bi xenon feature allows the driver to use both the high and low beams on one headlight. To accomplish this the projector has a special cutoff shield that can open or close at the flick of a switch. This shield contacts with the solenoid that powers the original car halogen light beam. When the bi-xenon mode is active the solenoid pushes or pulls this shield down, which exposes more of the bulb’s output through the lens to create the high beam pattern. When power is removed the shield retracts back to its normal low-beam position.

A lot of people install a simple plug and play xenon kit into their halogen headlights in an attempt to improve their night vision. However, the quality of the light output from this type of setup is subpar and causes blinding glare for other road users. This is why installing a full set of bi-xenon projectors from Retrofitlab is such a great solution. The result is a much more bright, clean and crisp light output that also produces a nice hotspot on the road.

The only downside is that these projectors are made to fit H1 bulbs and won’t work with other bulb sizes (H4, H7, etc). However, this can be easily fixed with our H1 adapters that allow the projectors to be used with any bulb size.

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