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stainless steel enamel jewelry

Types of Enamel Jewelry

Enamel is applied to metal as dry particles either by sifting them onto the surface or wetted to fill depressions (champleve) and enclosures (cloisonne). The enamel’s composition effects its behavior during firing.

Stainless steel findings and wire are strong and durable but can be more difficult to bend than other metals. It is hypoallergenic and resists rusting and tarnishing.


Many people are able to wear stainless steel stud earrings, as these styles are often hypoallergenic. In contrast, other metal jewelry pieces can cause symptoms such as itching and pain in individuals with a nickel sensitivity. Hypoallergenic stud earrings are also less susceptible to discoloration than other metals, making them long-lasting and valuable additions to any jewelry collection.

Add some sprinkled kawaii sweetness to your look with these adorable heart cookie studs, featuring dyed enamel and a screen printed frosting on a zinc base. They’re one half-inch in diameter and come on hypoallergenic stainless steel posts.

Lapel Pins

Enamel lapel pins are a great way to show your stainless steel enamel jewelry pride for your country, team, organization or cause. They are also popular with artists and creative dressers who use them to update their favorite jacket or add some visual interest to a backpack or hat. They’re also an affordable way to connect with people and make new friends.

The process of ordering a custom enamel pin begins with contacting a company through phone, email or their quote form. Then they send a digital sample of the design for your approval and comments. This usually has PMS colors detailed so you can see exactly what your pin will look like when finished.

Once approved the production process starts. Soft enamel pins have a raised color with a die-struck brass base for a more polished finish and is cheaper to produce than hard enamel. Then an epoxy dome is added for protection and a shiny finished look. Hard enamel pins are a bit more expensive but have a more refined look with fine metal lines separating the colors and is considered the highest quality of all pins. Some manufacturers refer to this pin type as Resin Cloisonne or Epola.

After the colors have been applied and the pins have been polished they are plated. These can be gold, silver or nickel plated and have a variety of different finish choices to choose from including sandblasting, foggy painting, two tone (gold & silver), antique, stain or matte effects. Some even have glitter.

If you’re looking for the fastest and cheapest option, then offset printed pins are for you. These have a recessed sandblasted background and are polished and raised, just like the hard and soft enamel pins.


Bangles are a popular choice for jewelry worn on the wrist. Traditionally, they were made from metal but they can also be crafted out of other materials like glass, wood and lac. These rounded pieces are typically hollow and close with a clasp to fit around the wrist. Some bangles come with gems and other precious stones to enhance their beauty and offer a special meaning for the wearer. Stacking bangles together is an attractive style that can be tailored to suit any personal style.

In addition to their beauty, bangles can be used as an element of religious or family rites and traditions. For example, a young girl will often receive a bangle set when she reaches puberty to signify her coming of age and entry into adulthood. The bangles will be given in colors that symbolize various things such as red bangles for love and prosperity and green bangles for health.

Stainless steel bangles are a modern option for stainless steel enamel jewelry those who are sensitive to the oxidation and coloration caused by nickel, copper or brass. This unplated metal is also stronger than plated jewelry findings and will hold up well against heavy wear. Stainless steel jewelry is great for people who live in humid climates because the metal won’t rust or tarnish.

For a more luxurious look, bangles can be embellished with dazzling white diamonds and other gemstones. These bangles are perfect for black-tie events and fine dining dinners. The Roberto Coin Navarra White Gold Ruby and Diamond Bangle, for example, will stun any crowd with its dazzling brilliance. Give the special man or woman in your life a gorgeous bangle bracelet to add to their collection and enjoy for years to come.


Stainless steel is used in a variety of industrial applications like surgical tools, building supports, hot water heaters and microwave oven liners but can be found in jewelry designs as well. The metal is extremely durable and can stand up to harsh conditions like the sun, sand or the sea. Unlike other materials such as silver and gold, stainless steel won’t tarnish. It also withstands the wear and tear of daily use. This makes it the perfect material for jewelry that can be worn in various outdoor activities and even when swimming.

Enameling has a long history of use and is a useful technique for metalworking. Enamel can be applied to a variety of consumer objects and is commonly used in industry for metal wares, appliances, cookware and markers. In the past enameling was used primarily in jewellery and decorative art. Today enameling is a valuable industrial process for coating steel products.

Stainless steel offers some unique challenges to the enameler. The carbon content of the metal can create adherence problems and its high modulus of elasticity can produce cracking during firing. A good way to overcome these difficulties is to pre-fire the uncoated steel to develop some oxide. Then enamel can be applied directly over the oxidized surface. Modern enamels such as Thompson’s Medium Temperature – Medium Expansion enamels and Liquid Form – Water Base can be applied directly to a properly prepared steel product.

The first enamel layer is called the ground coat and typically contains smelted-in transition metal oxides such as cobalt, praseodymium, iron or neodymium to facilitate adhesion to the underlying substrate. A second white or coloured “cover” coat is then applied over the ground coat and co-fired. Enamel powder can be wetted and used to fill depressions in the metal or to create enclosures (cloisonne or champleve) on the piece of steel.


Necklaces are a popular type of jewelry that can be worn with many different looks. Necklaces can be as simple as a plain metal chain or can be embellished with pendants, beads, stones and more. A pendant is simply an article that hangs from a chain and can have almost any shape. Pendants can also add a personal touch to a necklace and can make it more meaningful for the wearer. A necklace is worn around the neck so it is important to make sure that it is comfortable to wear.

Stainless steel is the perfect material for a necklace because it is hypoallergenic. This means that it will not react with the acids in your body and turn your skin green like copper, brass or nickel. It is also a very durable metal and can withstand heavy wear.

Enamels are very compatible with stainless steel. However, enamels with high temperature – high expansion require a higher heat of firing than those with lower temperatures – low expansion. It is best to use a clear or opaque enamel on these types of stainless steel because the uncoated metal will oxidize quickly at high enameling temperatures and this may cause blisters and pitting in the enamel.

Stainless steel is an excellent choice for a necklace because it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. It is also very easy to clean. Another great thing about it is that it does not tarnish and is rust-free. It is also durable and has a nice muted gray color that works well with any style. You can use it with industrial-chic, pop-punk and tropical vacay styles. In addition, it is affordable and will not break or lose its sheen.

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