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Optimize Your Shipping and Handling Methods For Better Customer Acquisition and Retention

The shipping and handling methods you offer your customers can have a major impact on customer acquisition and retention. To keep costs low, it’s important to optimize your shipping and handling processes.

Modern shipping companies wear many hats. From warehouse management and inbound freight coordination to fulfillment and outbound shipping and delivery, they handle every aspect of supply chain logistics.

Freight Forwarding

When shipping goods, especially internationally, there are many factors that come into play to ensure the cargo is safe and makes it to its destination. Ecommerce companies that source raw materials or finished products from abroad often work with freight forwarders to manage the import and export of their goods in deeply integrated ways. These supply-chain crisis-fighting superheroes take the worry and guesswork out of the process for business owners, so they can focus on growing their brands.

A freight forwarder (FF) is an intermediary that acts as the liaison between business owners and professional shipping lines. They don’t own their own shipping vessels or carriers, but they lease space for a container and negotiate rates to move consolidated cargo by sea or air. They may also assist with cargo documentation requirements and customs clearance for air freight shipments.

Since a FF tends to handle multiple shipments from ecommerce merchants, they have a unique position to bargain with carriers. They can use their volume to negotiate better rates, which they can pass along to their clients. They can also help with consolidated shipping options, where they combine the freight of several clients to save on the cost of transportation and storage.

If you’re looking for a freight forwarder, make sure they’re licensed to do business in your country and that they have the right services for your specific needs. Ask about their experience working with your industry, their reputation in the marketplace and whether they have tools for checking ocean freight rates online. Also, look for a FF that offers a PO management tool, which allows shipping inc you to upload your invoices and shipment information directly to the FF’s system. This allows you to avoid email chains that can get messy, and keeps your documents organized.

Serra International, Inc is a full service Freight Forwarder and Customs Broker licensed to operate in the United States. We are C-TPAT certified and meet the stringent security standards set forth by Homeland Security and TSA, as well as being a member of United Shipping, a worldwide network of independently owned and locally operated freight forwarders and Customs brokers.

Customs Brokerage

A customs broker is an individual or business authorized, directed, and engaged by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to help shippers and exporters gather Federal prerequisites overseeing imports and fares and submit them for assessment and installment. They additionally aid the client in arranging inspections required by governmental agencies. This is a significant element of successful cross-border shipping as it keeps your goods flowing into your supply chain and your clients’ hands.

Your customs brokerage processing partners need to understand your unique business and deliver solutions that optimize your operational performance. This requires a deep understanding of the complex variables that surround international shipping, like origin data capture and customs compliance. It also means delivering innovative technology and effective processes that ensure a seamless delivery of your global shipments.

Whether you’re importing to or from China, the USA, Mexico or any of the dozens of other countries where we have offices and partnerships, our experts can support your customs needs. We help you process declarations through CBP and associated border agencies, prepare required documentation, calculate duties and other taxes on your behalf, and more. Plus, we can identify hidden savings opportunities through our knowledge of trade agreements, tariff data and duty drawback details.

Count on our team to manage your global transportation and customs clearance requirements with a single, paperless, shipping inc communication-based platform. This unified approach provides you with fast and accurate shipping, tracking, clearance and compliance updates that enable you to meet your customer demands. With 79 company offices across Asia, we have the expertise to clear your shipments through Customs and other border authorities worldwide.

Logistics Solutions

Dedicated teams offer unparalleled expertise in key logistics services that are guaranteed to take your business to new heights. They are ready to support you in every way – whether it’s loss prevention, technology support or supply chain performance tracking. They also provide advice on sustainable distribution initiatives and more.

They specialize in shipping solutions for the trucking industry. Their extensive network enables them to connect with a vast array of carriers. Their specialized freight solutions include truckload, LTL and specialized services like frozen and refrigerated transportation. They also have a robust fleet of equipment that can meet a wide range of needs, including expedited delivery, high value goods and hazardous materials.

Their specialized fleet of trucks are equipped with the latest technology to deliver seamless end-to-end logistics solutions. This enables them to ensure continuous connectivity and peerless customer service – even during times of disruption. They are also committed to delivering on their promise of a dependable and resilient supply chain. Their specialised fleets and dedicated teams offer 24/7 customer support and rapid problem resolution.

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