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floor decking roll forming machine

Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine

A floor decking roll forming machine is an industrial device that uses rollers to bend metal in order to create a shaped part. The machine can be used to create any type of metal part, including roofing sheets, walls cladding, steel purlins, and more.

The machine produces roof decks and floor decks, which are cold formed corrugated steel sheets that are used to support the concrete or insulating membrane of a roof. The resulting product has high strength-to-weight ratios that reduce material, handling, and erection costs.


A floor decking roll forming machine is a cost-effective option for producing metal sheet that is used to create roof and floor systems. This type of forming process produces a strong, lightweight, and versatile product. It is also energy efficient, which can save businesses money over time.

The process of roll forming uses a set of rollers to progressively bend the material into the desired shape. This process is a great option for businesses that need to produce large numbers of components at once.

Unlike welding, roll forming does not heat the metal sheets to shape them, which is energy-efficient. In addition, it allows for parts to be created in a variety of shapes and sizes.

It is also a flexible manufacturing method that can be applied to projects of various durations. This process also allows for a high level of accuracy, which is important for companies that need to ensure that their products are made to exact specifications.

There are many different kinds of metal decks that can be produced through this process, including standard metal deck profiles and composite steel decks. These types of decks are typically used in roofing and flooring industries, as well as bridge construction.

They are often manufactured in the form of a permenant steel base upon which reinforced floor decking roll forming machine concrete slabs can be poured. This type of construction is beneficial to architects and building owners alike, as it offers a number of benefits that include strength, weight, and cost-effectiveness.

These decks are also fire-resistant, which can help to protect buildings from severe damage in case of a fire. Depending on the thickness of the concrete, they can be resistant to fire for up to 120 minutes.

A composite metal deck is another type of product that can be produced through a roll forming machine. These types of metal decks are a good choice for roofing and flooring, as they offer the ability to support heavier loads while still providing an attractive look.

The production of these decks can be done through a roll forming machine that is equipped with a coil sheet guiding system and a roll forming process. This type of equipment also includes an uncoiler, a post-cutting system, a hydraulic station, and a PLC control system. In addition, a supporter table can be included to support the final product.

Easy to operate

A floor decking roll forming machine is a piece of industrial machinery that is used to produce floor decking sheets. These sheets are structural components that are used for creating floors and roofs in commercial and industrial buildings. These machines typically include uncoiling, roll forming, cutting, punching, and control system components to produce floor decking sheets with specific profiles and dimensions in a continuous and automated process.

These machines are easy to operate and can be programmed by a computer. They are also known for having programmable logic controllers which ensure accuracy when creating parts with holes or cuts that require a precise fit.

This kind of machine has a high level of automation which helps to reduce the number of set-ups and increases production uptime. It also allows for fast changeovers between different profiles and optional material handling solutions.

Its design also makes it easier for manufacturers to create a variety of shapes. This means that they can produce various types of metal deck floor constructions, such as roof decking and composite steel floor decking.

Another advantage of this type of machine is that it can be customized to the needs of each customer. It can be configured to accommodate various types of floor decking products, including flat, curved, and sloped types.

The machine is also easy to maintain. It features a self-cleaning mechanism that keeps the surface of the metal deck free from dirt and other debris. It also has a high-quality paint that ensures the product is protected from damage and stains.

Furthermore, it is able to withstand large working loads without deformation and can be directly mixed with the steel mesh and concrete with good adhesion. This makes it a good choice for construction projects, as it can be used in high-rise steel buildings and other large structures that are in need of an efficient and durable floor system.

This machine is an advanced, pre-eminent solution for concrete floor work. It replaces traditional form-work, shortens the working time by 3 times, and saves 30% of concrete. This can help to save on the cost of construction and allow for quicker installation of accessories.


A floor decking roll forming machine is a versatile and durable piece of equipment that can be used for a number of different purposes. It can produce a corrugated metal sheet that can be mixed with steel mech and concrete to form flooring systems for high buildings, car parks, stadiums and shopping centers.

This type of roll forming machine is designed and manufactured based on world-class technology and experience. It has many advantages over other types of machines, including high durability and convenient management.

The machine consists of de-coiler that inputs coil, pinch roll unit that exquisitely inputs the coil, roll forming unit that forms the required shape and embossing through multi-stage forming rolls, cutting system that cuts the fabricated deck plate panel and auto stacking unit that loads completely cut deck plates.

These machines are able to produce a variety of different styles and designs. They can also be manipulated to create more complex shapes, such as inverted dovetail profiles.

In addition to this, these machines are very easy to use and can be operated manually with PLC controller control. They are also extremely affordable, making them ideal for any construction project.

Another great benefit of this type of machine is that it can be used to manufacture a wide range of different types of roof and floor profiles. This is due to the fact that the machines can produce a variety of different shapes and sizes, which means they are highly adaptable.

Moreover, they can be adapted to a wide range of different materials, such as sandblasting stainless steel, aluminum, and copper. This allows them to be used on a variety of different projects, including industrial sheds, warehouses, storage facilities, walkways and bridges, stadiums, and even control rooms.

Moreover, these roll forming machines can also be used to make a variety of other products, including roof panels, roof beams and trusses, and stair treads. This makes them very popular and well-used in a variety of different industries, as they are cost-effective and versatile.


A floor decking roll forming machine is a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of applications. This type of machine is capable of producing custom-made aluminum decking panels, allowing architects and builders to create unique designs and patterns. In addition, these machines are energy-efficient and eco-friendly, reducing the impact of their production on the environment.

Traditionally, these types of metal products were produced by welding centers and large presses. However, a roll forming machine allows these types of products to be made in smaller spaces and with less manpower. It also eliminates the need for heating and helps maintain weld seam integrity.

Another way a roll forming floor decking roll forming machine machine is versatile is that it can produce a wide range of shapes and sizes. This is a significant benefit when it comes to construction and can save construction companies a lot of time and money.

These machines are also flexible in terms of their cross-sections, enabling them to shape any type of metal. This makes them an excellent choice for a variety of different projects, including industrial and residential buildings.

This is because these machines use progressive bending stations to make the necessary bends. Each station of rollers progressively bends the metal a little more than the next, creating a uniformly shaped work piece.

The metal decking is a common structural component of building floor systems. It is durable, strong, and can withstand a great deal of weight. In addition, it can support concrete if needed, making it an effective alternative to conventional steel beams.

It can be used in a variety of applications, including multi-story buildings and bridges. In fact, it is the preferred method of floor construction for a number of structural steel framed buildings.

In order to maximize efficiency, these types of machines are self-feeding, resulting in lower labor costs and faster production. They also reduce scrap, thereby lowering the overall cost of the project.

In addition to being versatile, these types of machines are also affordable and easy to operate. This is because they are equipped with a number of features that allow them to be controlled manually or automatically. This makes them a good investment for any construction company looking to improve their workflow.

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