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light up makeup mirror

Light Up Makeup Mirror

A lighted makeup mirror makes your beauty routine so much easier. It helps you see all the tiny details of your look, like mascara volume, stray eyebrow hairs, and winged eyeliner.

Lighted makeup mirrors come in a range of magnification levels and hue settings, so you can find one that works best for your specific needs. They’re also a good investment if you frequently apply makeup at night or in spaces that don’t have ample natural lighting.

Natural Light

Lighting is a makeup artist’s best friend (not to mention one of the most important aspects of getting ready). Without proper lighting, it’s difficult to see what you’re doing and even harder to get the perfect look. The right light can help you even out your skin tone, apply foundation or bronzer more precisely, and ensure that your eyeshadow colors match your eyes and cheeks.

While natural light is your most ideal lighting option, if you’re not in a position to enjoy direct sunlight, then white LED lights are a great alternative. They’re closest to the color spectrum of natural light and offer a more evenly diffused glow.

Many makeup mirrors come with multiple LED lights, enabling you to select a hue that suits your needs or adjust the brightness level to avoid harsh shadows. They’re also typically powered by energy-efficient LED bulbs that last for 50,000 hours or more, so they’ll rarely need to be replaced.

Besides choosing the proper lighting for your needs, it’s also important to consider where you plan to use your mirror. You may prefer a wall-mounted, freestanding, or swivel style of mirror. Whether you have a lot of space in your bathroom or are limited in the amount of room in your makeup station, it’s important to find a model that fits into your existing setup.

Another important consideration is the CRI or color rendering index of the lights. This is the percentage of light that replicates colors accurately, which helps you see all your makeup details and make sure your looks are flawless.

For example, a CRI of 60 or more will show all your skin’s colors and will be the most accurate, while a CRI of 20 or less will cause colors to fade or be hard to blend.

The most popular choice of bulbs is LED. These bulbs offer a high CRI value and are also much more energy-efficient than traditional incandescent lights, meaning they’re not only cheaper to run but also will save you money on utility bills over time.

While most of the above-mentioned mirrors feature a range of dimmable brightness levels, you should always test the lights to ensure they are bright enough for your purposes and not causing any unwanted side effects like heat or glare. If you’re unsure, just put on your favorite makeup and try it in different lights before committing to a purchase.

Artificial Light

Whether you need to apply makeup in the morning, or on a night out, artificial light can be helpful for getting ready. However, the right lighting can make a huge difference, so you need to be careful about what type of light you use when you do your makeup.

Natural light is always the best, as it’s evenly diffused and gives your makeup a natural, flawless glow. Moreover, it helps you see flaws and unblended areas of your makeup, so you can correct them and make them look perfect.

If you’re not using natural light, you can try to recreate the same effect by buying a mirror that has adjustable lighting. This allows you to adjust the brightness level, which will also make it easier to see the shadows and details of your makeup.

To ensure that the light hits your face evenly, look for a model that has both side and front illumination. Avoid lights that shine directly above your face, which will cast harsh shadows. Alternatively, choose a mirror that has cross illumination, which means the light will illuminate your forehead and cheeks at the same time.

A lighted mirror that has LED lights is the best choice, as they are known to emit warm white light and mimic natural sunlight. They are also more energy-efficient, as they don’t heat up as quickly as other types of lighting.

When choosing a lighted makeup mirror, it’s also important to find light up makeup mirror one that has multiple dimmable settings. You can set the temperature to match your makeup needs, so that you can achieve the perfect lighting for every day.

Lastly, you should consider the size and portability of your mirror. You don’t want a huge and bulky unit that takes up a lot of space on your vanity.

If you have a small bathroom, try to find a mirror with foldable panels that will take up less space on your counter or in your vanity. It’s also a good idea to look for models that have angled sides to help you see precise winged eyeliner and false lashes.


A light up makeup mirror is a great investment for anyone who enjoys applying makeup and wants to be able to see their face clearly. They light up makeup mirror come in different sizes and magnification levels to suit any application, and can help to ensure that every detail is captured in a picture-perfect way.

Magnification helps to focus the reflected image, allowing you to see your entire face and be much more precise with your makeup. This makes it easier to do things like tweezing, lining your lips, and applying eyeliner without compromising on quality.

You can get a magnifying mirror in several different styles, including tabletop and compact models that fold up for storage and travel. Some also include a dual-sided option with one side magnified and the other without.

Another option is a stand-mounted mirror, which can be fixed to the wall in the bathroom or on the vanity table. These can be a bit bulkier, but they tend to provide better views and are often more versatile than a handheld mirror.

Some mirrors even have variable lighting options that let you choose how much natural or artificial light you want to use. Some are dimmable, while others use incandescent bulbs to create a soft and warm light.

The right lighting can make a huge difference to the overall experience of using a light up makeup mirror, especially if you have poor vision and need extra magnification. For example, if you have a bad eye condition or suffer from glaucoma, it’s likely that you need a higher level of magnification to allow you to see properly and avoid damaging your eyes.

It’s a good idea to test out different magnifications in your home before making a final decision, and you may even want to ask for a friend or family member to do this for you. This will give you a sense of whether or not the mirror is suitable for you and your needs, while also helping to prevent any unwanted purchases.

When it comes to magnification, you can go from 2x to 10x or more, depending on what you need and how close you want to get to your face. A 2x magnification is enough to enlarge your face slightly and make up for some of the problems caused by poor vision, while 10x magnification offers more than enough power to see details and be as accurate as possible.


A light up makeup mirror is a must have in any woman’s closet. They can make putting on your makeup much easier, as well as save you time and energy. They can also help keep you looking your best and can be an excellent investment.

Some of the newest products boast LED lights that can mimic natural sunlight, as well as change color to suit your mood. Some even have dimmable lights for a more subtle effect, making them ideal for darker spaces or those with limited lighting.

Another cool thing about some of these mirrors is that they come with speakers to play your favorite music. This can be a great way to start your day off on the right foot, especially if you’re a morning person or are getting ready for work.

The AirExpect LED lighted makeup mirror is a definite standout on this list, boasting a whopping 72 LED lights running throughout and a touchscreen control for adjusting them to your liking. The touchscreen allows you to select different light settings, including colors and brightness, which will make applying makeup a breeze.

It also has a trifold design with four large mirror panels and a base that rotates 360 degrees, which is a nice touch. It’s also one of the lightest products on our list, at only two pounds and ultra-thin.

While the Bestope lighted makeup mirror is not quite as innovative as some of its competitors, it’s a well-crafted product that makes good use of its size and weight. It features four mirror panels, each with their own 1X, 2X and 3X magnification capabilities and 21 LED lights that can mimic natural light. The base is also a great touch, as it comes with a small indentation for holding jewelry and other trinkets.

The EASEHOLD LED lighted makeup mirror is the real deal, and it deserves to be on our top of the line list. It boasts a wide array of magnification options and 38 LED lights that can be controlled via a touchscreen, while the base is sturdy and the company has provided us with a lifetime warranty.

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