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Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine

In the pharmaceutical industry, packaging is an important factor for ensuring product safety and maintaining regulatory standards. It also plays a significant role in marketing and promoting pharmaceutical products.

There are many kinds of pharmaceutical packaging machinery available on the market, each designed for a specific application. These include blister packers, stretch wrappers, and vacuum sealers.


In the world of pharma packaging equipment, Levapack stands out from the crowd. Their fully automatic can filling machines come in seven models to handle powdered and liquid products of all viscosities. Their fanciest model features an air-tight double seam and error detection sensors to boot. They also have a high-tech aluminum foil induction sealing machine for tamper-evident packaging.

The company specializes in can and tin packaging systems for little and medium-sized enterprises, with their engineers having 14 years of experience designing and building them. They are also one of the few manufacturers with a large manufacturing facility in China. Besides can packaging machinery, the company carries a comprehensive line of packaging machines and equipment including tablet presses, capsule filling machines, powdered filling machines, vacuum packaging systems, shrink tunnel package production equipment, and more. They also offer a complete range of services and support. Their 24 month warranty is one of the longest in the industry. They also offer turnkey projects ranging from design to commissioning and training. They are proud to claim the best customer service in the biz and have a well-deserved reputation for delivering on time and in full.

Tishma Technologies

Tishma Technologies designs and manufactures high-efficiency packaging machinery and systems used worldwide. Their products are used in most industries including food, pharma, confections, personal care and cosmetics.

Tishma Technology’s vertical and horizontal cartoners and case packers are designed to offer precise, superior product handling, speed, and efficiency. They are also available with various printing and labeling add-ons that are pretty crucial in the pharma industry due to recent track-and-trace laws and demands for serialization.

Our horizontal cartoners are ideal for secondary packaging of single portioned pharmaceutical products such as squeezable tubes and stick packs or sachets. They are available with leaflet feeders for automatic instruction manual inserting and labeling options. Integration with our TT-1200 top-load robotic case packer is an option as well.

These high-speed horizontal cartoning machines are capable of packing all types of bottles ranging from wide mouth, oblong, modern round, boston round and flat oval to indented label or recessed panel. The equipment is also capable of handling pharma cylinders, syringes and ampoules.

Each machine can be integrated with a wide variety of printing and labeling features, and they can handle any type or size of package, whether it is a wet glue or sticker label or an embossed code, tamper evidence, or other data. The equipment is available in various sizes and configurations, and can be integrated with any existing packaging line.

Besides the palletizing process, Raptor and Raptor-R are equipped with servo-controlled collating devices for various bundle patterns. They are fast, zero-pressure, zero-damage solutions.

These bundling machines are a fast, simple solution to the challenges faced by pharmaceutical manufacturers in recent years. They can easily be integrated into your existing packaging line and can be customized for labeling, data management, and serialization. They are capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 cases per minute.


When it comes to pharmaceutical packaging, FA3 is an excellent choice. This machine is designed to pack tablets, capsules, syringes and Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine medical devices in a safe, secure, and sanitary way.

This rotary style blister machine can be used for a variety of products including powders, liquids, oral solid dose (OSD), and medical devices. During the 1980s, this type of blister machine was popular in China and was produced by many companies including Oshi and SINE Pharmaceuticals.

The FA3 model was designed by FAC of Italy and was said to be only five machines were made. It was powered by a stepping motor. This was a major drawback for this type of machine since it had problems synchronizing between the forming and sealing positions.

In addition to this, the machine could not deal with medicines of complicated shapes due to the difficulty of die and mold manufacturing.

However, the FA3 has many advantages and is widely used in the industry. For example, it can be used with a wide variety of packaging formats such as HUD and BINGO styles.

It is also an excellent choice for high output of a single product such as ampoules. The TF2 and TF3 models of this machine can handle medium to high production rates.

Another advantage of this machine is its servo control technology. This allows for smooth transitions between format changes and helps the operator maintain control throughout the entire process.

Depending on the needs of your facility, Pharmaworks offers several different types of feeding systems for their blister machines. These can be a combination of planetary stirring technology, brush assemblies, and tube-style feeders.

These feeders can be built onto Pharmaceutical Packaging Machine any Pharmaworks blister machine and are typically used when blister packaging pharmaceuticals, medical devices or consumer products.

One of the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry is automation. These technologies are used to improve efficiencies, increase speed, and reduce labor costs. They are also a great investment because they allow manufacturers to keep up with demand and stay competitive in the market.


The TT-50 is a vertical cartoner designed for pharmaceutical vials. It features a flat blank carton erector, a pre-assembled flat divider erecting station and a Vial pick and place system. This machine can reach speeds up to 300 vials per minute.

The machine is compact, portable and easy to changeover. It is also a good choice for smaller spaces and small production. It can be used in a variety of applications including packaging, labeling and palletizing.

This machine is a great option for a drug manufacturing facility because of its low maintenance costs and ease of operation. It is available in a variety of different models and can be easily customized for specific needs.

It is equipped with an automated bottle loading and count weigh scale interface, fixed or adjustable size carton pockets for carton squareness, tuck or glue style closing mechanisms and PLC controls with self-diagnostics. The machine also reaches speeds of up to 140 CPM.

In addition to this machine, Tishma Technologies has a wide range of other machines available for sale. Some of them include the TT-600 side load cartoner, TT-700 side load cartoner, TT-900 horizontal cartoner and TT-8CR rotary packaging machine.

These machines are great for pharmaceuticals, because they are designed to withstand the harsh environment that the packaging process often places on them. They can withstand extreme temperatures, humidity, moisture, dust and dirt.

They can also handle a variety of materials, including cardboard, paper, film and plastics. They are also very versatile, as they can run bags of various sizes and shapes.

It is a very affordable solution for a packaging plant that requires high quality equipment. It is also a great option for customers who want to upgrade their current equipment.

The TT-50 is an excellent option for pharmaceutical companies because of its flexibility. It can run a variety of different products, from capsules to powder. It can withstand high temperatures and humidity, and is easy to maintain.

The TT-50 is one of the most popular machines on the market today. It can handle a variety of different products, from capsules and powder to tablets and pellets. It can also withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, and is easy to maintain.

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