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Luxury Watch Rolls

luxury watch roll

Whether you’re looking for a gift for a family member or yourself, there are many different ways to make your watch stand out from the rest. There are even watch rolls on the market.

Crown and Buckle’s Hilmar Roll

Featuring a sleek, monochromatic design, the Crown and Buckle Hilmar Pouch is made of grey leather with a grey suede lining. This watch pouch can hold one watch and has a brass rivet covered with leather to avoid scratches. The pouch also features a wooden toggle to secure the strap and a leather patch to prevent scratches.

This strap features a two-stitch design that is expertly hand-stitched. It is made in Spain and is the perfect shade of navy blue. It is also two-stitched with an ivory braided thread. The strap is available for $90 at Crown & Buckle. It is made from premium pebbled leather and features hand-pressed gold foil lines.

The Crown and Buckle Hilmar Roll is available in a four-capacity unit as well as a six-capacity unit. It is made of durable leather with a plush suede lining. The Hilmar Roll is an ideal accessory for upgrading your favorite watch. The wooden toggle and leather strap ensure a sturdy hold.

The Crown and Buckle Hilmar Pouch is an excellent travel accessory. The suede lining prevents scratches on valuable watches. The strap is durable and features an adjustable, two-stitched design.

Bamford Watch Department’s Mykonos Watch Roll

Those looking for an innovative way to carry their watches should check out the Bamford Watch Department’s Mykonos Watch Roll, a stylish, bespoke design from the UK. The roll, which can hold up to four watches, is lined with neoprene to protect your precious timepieces and features a velcro wrap-around closure to make sure your watches stay where they belong. You can get your hands on one of these nifty watches for around $75 USD.

The watch roll is a collaboration between Bamford Watch Department and Lexdray, a company based in London. The roll is designed to be a practical and stylish solution to keeping your timepieces in order, and includes a patented “Waiting Room” system to ensure your timepieces are always available when you need them most. Besides the requisite slots, the roll also features a micro fleece interior for a cushioned grip and a signature Bamford Watch Department watch tool.

Bennett Winch’s watch roll

Designed by creative director Rupert Shreeve, Bennett Winch’s luxury watch roll is handmade in England and features a six-sided design. The interior has space for two or three watches, along with extra straps and cufflinks. It can also be used as a stylish presentation case. The lid opens up to create a soft preparation area.

The roll is made from Tuscan leather panels that are hand-selected hides. They are then stitched around a flexible Kevlar(r) core. These are then padded with a soft Alcantara(r) suede. The roll also has a removable padded cylinder. It is then securely held in grooves on either end.

The Watch Roll is made to overcome poor long-term wear and tear resistance, as well as instability in the closing mechanism. It also features sectional rings, which add a padded buffer between watches.

The Watch Roll is available in black or brown. Bennett Winch’s leather color is black. It is lined with olive Alcantara(r). The interior of the roll features seven slots that are embossed with the day of the week.

Crown and Buckle’s Mirage Faux Leather Roll

Probably the most impressive watch roll on the market today is the Crown and Buckle’s Mirage Faux Leather Roll. It may not be the best looking roll luxury watch roll around, but it certainly has some nice tricks up its sleeve. The roll features a surprisingly robust faux leather interior with sturdy separators and a nice leather wrap around cord. The best part is, it’s a lot less expensive than the more expensive stuff. It’s also got a surprisingly large capacity. It’s not just for watches though; it’s also designed to hold sunglasses, keys, and even a wallet. It’s also made from the durable and water-repellent canvas. It’s one of those must-have items that will make you smile every time you see it.

The crown and buckle has been in business for over a decade and is a favorite of many watch aficionados. Its storable and elegantly designed watch rolls are available in three sizes and five colors. It’s also got a nice warranty and a price that can’t be beat. They are also known for their high quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.

W&S Leather Watch Roll

Whether you’re a traveller, a collector, or just a watch aficionado, a watch roll is a must-have accessory. These compact pieces are great for transporting your timepieces in style, while minimizing damage to your expensive investments. Having one on hand can also protect your other accessories.

The most popular watch roll is the leather roll, which is ideal for all watch straps and bracelets. It’s sturdy, and it fits any watch, from a small timepiece to a large luxury brand. The best part is, it doesn’t take up much room at all. If you need a larger roll, you can also purchase one with a side handle and a brass or steel buckle. This makes it an easy accessory to store.

Another popular option is the aluminum roll. It boasts excellent protective qualities, and it looks good too. It’s also a breeze to use, and it’s the perfect size for your collection.

There are a lot of options out there, but a watch roll may be the best way to keep your timepieces safe and sound while you’re on the go.


KUKI, the Swiss company that makes luxury leather watches and straps, has been around since 1963. The company’s marquee product is its KUKI straps, a high-end product designed to last a lifetime. The company also makes watches and straps for other brands like Montblanc and Movado.

KUKI has a number of patented innovations, and their signature KUKI straps and accessories are made with a lot of handwork. One of the more recent innovations is the company’s “ArmStrong” product line, which is a fancy leather watch strap that distinguishes itself from its peers with a tough outer shell. The best part is that the product is affordable, making it a worthy addition to the arsenal of any watch collector. The company’s other products include an equally impressive line of wallet sized bags and wallets.

The company has a well deserved reputation for innovation, and its KUKI straps and accessories luxury watch roll are made in Switzerland from the finest leather. KUKI is now owned by brothers Matjaz and Gregor. The company has a large international customer base and exports its products to twenty-one countries and regions around the globe.

Hodinkee Travel Tube

Whether you’re a watch collector or a novice, Hodinkee has the perfect travel case for your collection. Their travel case is made with luxurious materials. You’ll find a wide variety of watch rolls that can accommodate three to four watches. They’re also suited for short trips and are priced reasonably. You’ll also find that you can easily remove a watch if you need to.

The Hodinkee Travel Tube luxury watch roll is made from a premium Italian leather. It’s suede lined, and has an interior pocket for small accessories. There’s also a steel or brass buckle, which adds a little extra security.

If you’re looking for a watch roll that’s a little more stylish than the traditional, Hodinkee’s Camo roll is an excellent option. It’s also made in the United States.

For those who don’t want to spend as much, Hodinkee’s Oval Leather Travel Case is an excellent option. It’s made from stained dark brown leather and offers maximum protection for two watches. It also has a suede-lined interior, and an external snap closure.

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