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Fingerprint Door Locks

fingerprint door lock

Choosing the best fingerprint door lock is one of the most important choices you’ll make in your home. This is because there are many different types and brands available on the market. You’ll need to consider the cost, the compatibility with your existing locks, and the overall quality of the product.


Having a BenjiLock Fingerprint Door Lock is a great way to secure your home. It’s a hybrid lock that incorporates state-of-the-art fingerprint technology with a digital keypad. The lock can be unlocked with a fingerprint, a traditional key, or a custom numeric code. You can even set it up without an app, if you prefer.

BenjiLock has been a big hit with on-the-go Gen Zers. It’s a lock that’s easy to install, easy to program, and easy to use. You can even share the lock with multiple people. You can also add up to 10 fingerprints to the lock. This makes it a great lock for multiple users.

BenjiLock was designed by inventor Robbie Cabral, who was working out at the gym and was having problems with lost keys. He wanted to find a better way to open a lock. He had the idea for a fingerprint-enabled padlock, and worked with a local engineer to get it off the ground.

The BenjiLock Fingerprint Door Lock is easy to install, easy to program, and is easy to use. It works with four AA batteries, and comes in Tuscan Bronze or satin nickel. It can also be programmed with up to 25 user codes.

You can also purchase BenjiLock Fingerprint Deadbolt Locks to lock your home. The lock is easy to install and works with a traditional fingerprint door lock key and fingerprint sensor. The lock is also TSA-approved, and has a fully rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can last up to one year on a single charge.

BenjiLock also comes in a TSA Fingerprint Padlock, which stores five fingerprints. You can also purchase a BenjiLock Fingerprint Sport Lock for use on gym lockers.


Using UltraLoq fingerprint door lock is a smart way to secure your home. This unique lock eliminates the need for keys and prevents the worry of forgetting combinations. This smart door lock can be used to lock indoor and outdoor doors. It also has a built-in emergency key, so if you forget your keys, you can still get in.

UltraLoq fingerprint door lock is incredibly easy to install. It can fit in standard door cutouts and requires no drilling. In addition, the keyhole is located on the bottom of the lock housing, so it is not easy to pick. This fingerprint lock also has a built-in anti-peep feature.

UltraLoq fingerprint door lock uses a combination of biometric and Bluetooth technology to provide secure home entry. When a user touches the keypad, the fingerprint ID sensor activates, allowing the user to unlock the door. This lock can also accept up to 95 unique codes. The user can choose which codes he wants to save to use when he needs to open the door.

The UltraLoq UL1 is a keyless door lock that can be set to lock indoor or outdoor doors. It uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone. This app can be used to unlock the door remotely. It can also be used to manage users. You can share ekeys and set up scheduled access.

This door lock has a battery that lasts for up to a year. It also has a low battery alert. If your batteries run out, you can get a replacement key from UltraLoq. The key is thin and can be broken if it is used too often.

The U-Bolt Pro is another keyless door lock from UltraLoq. It has a fingerprint sensor and uses Bluetooth to communicate with a smartphone. It also uses a Dynamic Key, a randomized key code for every data transfer. It also includes a micro USB port to backup power. It can be installed on any standard US door.

Minutia matching process

During the fingerprint matching process, the fingerprint pattern of the user is compared with the stored fingerprint pattern. This is done using a morphological hit or miss transform. It extracts true minutiae from the input fingerprint and assigns an associated direction and position.

There are different algorithms that are used to calculate the matching score. The score is between 0 and 1, and indicates the degree of similarity between the two sets.

The first step is to match the fingerprint pattern with the template pattern. A second step is to check the matching score. The matched score is a weighted arithmetic average of the pixels in the fingerprint. It is also calculated in the template matrix.

The template matrix contains several minutiae sets. Each set is categorized into matching and non-matching. The matching score is a function of the number of matching minutiae sets and the weight of the matching minutiae sets.

There are two different fingerprint matching algorithms. One is a recursive algorithm that can be used to speed up the update process. The other is a linear based algorithm.

A matching score of 0 indicates a complete mismatch, whereas a score of 1 indicates a perfect match. The matched minutiae are then used to validate the fingerprint.

In a fingerprint door lock, multiple Minutia points are used to lock the door. A small number of these points are enough to identify the fingerprint. Depending on the resolution of the sensor, a good quality fingerprint is obtained.

The template fingerprint is captured during the registration process with great caution. This process is designed to reduce the time spent on post processing. The matching process is used to detect unauthorized users.

Problems with other smart locks

Depending on the make and model you choose, these devices aren’t always cheap, and some are a pain to install. Smart locks are also susceptible to hacking. There are some tricks to keeping your device safe from nefarious hands.

The ol’ fashioned door lock is still the best bet for security, and should be installed by a professional. If you’re into home automation, these devices can be integrated with your smart home system. If you’re in the market for a new device, be sure to check out the KPP Fingerprint Smart Lock. These units take about one minute to change out the batteries.

Fingerprint door locks have some impressive credentials, including a two year lifespan before showing their age. But while they’re a big improvement over the traditional lock and key, they can also come with a big price tag. To save money, consider investing in a traditional dead bolt, and if you’re looking for the highest level of security, consider getting a professional to install your new smart home technology. You’ll be glad you did.

The best way to make sure your new device lives up to its promise is to purchase a quality product from a trusted brand. You can also look into buying a smart home starter kit to give you the option of adding on new devices later. Adding an app to your smart home will allow you to lock and unlock your doors with a touch of a button. If you’re still not sure what to buy, check out a comparison shopping site like Consumer Reports. They offer reviews of hundreds of devices, and can be a big help when it comes to making an informed purchase.


Whether you’re purchasing a fingerprint fingerprint door lock door lock or a smart door lock, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. They are essential to help you get the best possible results.

First, you should determine the size of your door. A fingerprint door lock that is too small or too large will not work correctly. It can also be difficult to program. If you are not experienced in using a fingerprint lock, you should hire a professional to install it for you.

It is also a good idea to get a physical backup key. This can be useful if you have forgotten your code or if you’re out of town.

You should look for a fingerprint lock that has a physical key slot. This can provide backup access if the battery has run out or if there are cuts in the door.

You should also look for a fingerprint lock that has reversible technology. This means that if the lock is damaged, you can easily replace it. You can also look for a lock that offers a smartphone app. Using a smartphone app can help you if you have unexpected visitors.

Another thing you should consider is whether the lock is waterproof. If the lock isn’t waterproof, you won’t be able to use it outdoors. The fingerprint door lock will not work with sweaty or dirty hands.

If you’re looking for a smart door lock, it’s best to look for one that’s connected to a wifi network. This way, you can access your door lock without having to leave your phone.

There are also smart locks that have keyholes. These can also be useful if you want to add a secondary entry method.

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