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Things to Consider When Shopping For Inflatable Jumpers

Inflatable Jumpers

When shopping for an inflatable jumper, there are many things to consider. You should find a jumper that is both safe and durable. Inflatable jumpers are made of PVC tarpaulin, which is fire retardant, water proof, anti-bacterial, stain resistant, and static resistant. They are also durable and can withstand extreme temperatures for a certain period of time.

Cheapest factory price

Inflatable jumpers are a great addition to any party, event, or backyard. By shopping from a manufacturer in China, you can purchase these items at a very cheap price. You can find a wide range of options and even customize your jumpers, if needed.


Inflatable jumpers are an excellent choice for any type of party or event. They are popular for birthday parties, fund raising events, and other events. Inflatable jumpers provide a fun and safe way to entertain guests. Whether you are looking for a classic bounce house or a more modern combo unit, Happy Jump has you covered.

Durable jumpers can last for several years and can be used repeatedly by children of all ages. Many of these jumpers come with a built-in net, an inflatable ball, and a self-sticking dartboard. You can also get bounce houses that can fit up to eight people. Premium PVC-coated oxford fabric is used to construct these jumpers, and the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty.


Inflatable jumpers are fun for children, but it’s important to ensure their safety. Always check that the ropes are secure to the ground and Inflatable Jumpers keep an eye on children and other jumpers. Make sure that children are not sitting or lying while others bounce around them, and make sure that the jumper is kept away from gas generators and air pumps.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, inflatable amusement rides are responsible for over eighteen thousand injuries every year. Most of the injuries involve the arms and legs. Just fifteen percent involve the face or head. About nine out of 10 of these injuries are children ages 14 and younger. To help reduce the risk of injury, inflatable jumpers should be labeled with a safety label outside the entrance.

If children are playing in an inflatable play structure, the owner should supervise them. The law has become more strict and penalizing, and peddlers can be held liable for damages caused to minors in the inflatable play structure. Ensure that adult supervision is present at all times and follow the age limits for each group.

Children love to jump in inflatable jumpers, but their safety must be ensured. Injuries are common, even with the most reputable brands. While many bouncy castles are considered safe, children will often get hurt using them inappropriately. This can lead to serious injuries.


Custom inflatable jumpers are a great way to promote your brand. You can purchase a jumper for any event and get your company’s name or logo printed on it. You can even donate the inflatable to a local event to spread the word about your company. These jumpers can be used year after year to promote your business.

Toddler houses

Toddler houses inflatable jumpers are a fun, safe way for your child to spend the day. These bouncers are made of sturdy PVC tarpaulin material, which is water-proof, flame-retardant, and anti-bacterial. The structure is also static and stain-resistant. These inflatable bouncers can support up to 1000 pounds of body weight.

Toddler houses inflatable jumpers are durable, with a PVC coat and oxford cloth cover that withstands rough play. This bouncer is made to provide continuous bounce, with a slide attached to the jumping area for extra entertainment. The bouncer features a large entrance and a slide, providing your child with hours of fun and excitement.

Toddler houses inflatable jumpers are Inflatable Jumpers safe for indoor and outdoor use. They feature an extra-large jumping area surrounded by mesh netting that prevents your child from falling out while jumping. In addition, these jumpers are easy to set up and take down. Some even include a basketball hoop!

Toddler houses inflatable jumpers can be a fun way to add fun to a birthday party, or a weekend play date. You can also keep it for the long-term as they can be used for birthday parties and play dates. Setting up a bounce house is much easier than it used to be. Simply take the inflatable out of the bag, connect the blower, and watch your child jump in fun.

Commercial grade

When you purchase a commercial grade inflatable jumper, you can expect it to last for years. These inflatables are built with heavy-duty 15-oz PVC vinyl and extra vinyl patches at stress points to prevent wear and tear. They also have triple-threaded and heat-welded seams to prevent the entry of water and contaminants. Inflatable jumpers can be used as carnival-style games or obstacle courses for kids and adults.

Inflatable jumpers are a great option for large crowds of children. You can choose from an assortment of designs and price ranges to match your budget. The Back Yard Play Store carries a wide selection of commercial-grade inflatable jumpers. Each jumper has a corresponding price tag, so you should know your budget before shopping for a bounce house.

While there are residential inflatables that offer the same features, commercial-grade inflatables are typically more durable and have safety features. Some models have a slide stopper, removable linings, and proper firm walls. While these features can cost a bit more, they will make for a safe jumping experience.

Commercial-grade inflatable bounce houses are generally larger and heavier than residential bounce houses. They are designed for commercial use and can accommodate many more children than residential models. They come with more advanced features and accessories than residential-grade models. This type of inflatable is ideal for summer parties, community gatherings, and birthday parties.

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