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Galvanized Amusement Equipment Benefits

Galvanized amusement equipment

You may be wondering what the best reasons are for using galvanized amusement equipment in your business. Well, you have a few of them: Durability, Low maintenance, sustainability, and low life-cycle costs. Let’s take a look. Listed below are some of the best reasons for using galvanized amusement equipment. And don’t forget to ask your employees about their opinions on galvanized amusement equipment!


Hot-dip galvanized steel is used for amusement equipment. This protective coating prevents corrosion and provides an attractive visual appearance. Located in Laval, Quebec, Meijer Gardens attracts more than 10 million visitors annually. This durable material will allow the amusement park to serve generations of Gallatin citizens. Here are a few of the benefits of hot-dip galvanized steel. Let’s look at the benefits of this protective coating.

The first advantage is durability. When exposed to the elements, steel corrodes. In amusement parks, you’ll often find salty and humid air. Depending on the location, this corrosion may be visible or invisible. To prevent this problem, steel structures are coated with a protective coating. Hot-dip galvanizing is a great choice because it not only provides corrosion resistance, but also offers aesthetic appeal.

Durability: Another benefit of hot-dip galvanized steel is its ability to withstand extreme conditions. For example, galvanized amusement equipment can last up to 50 years in a typical environment. In areas of high water exposure, it can last up to 20 years. Hot-dip galvanizing also offers complete coverage and uniform protection. It also provides corrosion resistance, and helps protect metals during transportation, installation, and service.

Galvanized steel is more affordable than stainless steel. It is relatively cheap to buy, and hot-dip galvanizing saves labor hours. Also, it is available and relatively simple to use. Choosing galvanized steel will save you money over the long run, as it’s more durable and corrosion resistant than stainless steel. So, if you’re looking for amusement equipment for sale, check out the quality and durability of these rides.

Low maintenance

When it comes to amusement park rides and other amusement equipment, galvanized metal is an excellent choice. Not only is galvanized metal incredibly easy to maintain, it also requires very little re-coating. Additionally, galvanized metal is highly durable and resistant to abrasion and impact. Because of this, a lot less time is required to maintain and repair galvanized amusement equipment.


In addition to being cost-effective, galvanized amusement equipment is highly recyclable. This helps reduce waste and manufacturing costs. Another benefit of galvanized steel is its long life and corrosion resistance. Most pieces of galvanized amusement equipment last for decades before needing to be replaced. They are also available in various colors and finishes for a wider variety of uses. In addition, they are easy to recycle, ensuring they won’t be dumped in landfills or end up in a landfill.

Galvanized steel is used to build structures worldwide. This is because of its durability, low maintenance requirements, aesthetics, and low life-cycle costs. Many recreation and entertainment venues are outdoors, so galvanized amusement equipment can withstand the elements without any problem. It also provides a long-lasting finish and will save on energy costs. The benefits of galvanized steel extend to all aspects of life-cycle cost, as galvanized steel is the best choice for a variety of amusement park applications.

Hot-dip galvanized steel is an environmentally-friendly material that can be reused and recycled. This material is widely used for construction and manufacturing projects, renewable energy equipment, and any other setting where weather-resistant metal is needed. Its long life and recycled properties make it a smart choice for those who are conscious about their environmental footprint. And thanks to its high durability and low-maintenance, galvanized steel is also an excellent option for preserving your amusement park’s vision and structures for future generations.

The process of galvanizing steel requires several molten solutions. This can pose some safety risks to workers and customers. Exposure to zinc oxide fumes can cause metal fume fever and acid levels can affect local wildlife. Zinc is much more sustainable than lead, making it a wise choice for amusement parks with high pollution levels. The environmental benefits of hot-dip galvanized steel are significant. So, you should consider the advantages of this material as well as its cost-effectiveness.

Low life-cycle costs

The American Galvanizers Association has developed a life-cycle cost calculator. The calculator uses exponential financial equations to calculate the cost of maintenance in the future. It also takes the cost of current maintenance into account, and converts it into future-valued money. Using this calculator, a manufacturer can determine whether a new galvanized amusement equipment will save the company money in the long run.

The results are summarized in Figure 6. The lowest life-cycle cost for a galvanized amusement equipment is one that is one-half of its original cost. The lower the life-cycle cost, the more economical it is in the long run. However, it is possible to make a better investment choice with a higher initial cost, which may not be reflected in the final price of the equipment.

The LCCC tool was developed by the American Galvanizers Association (AGA) to compare paint systems and hot-dip galvanizing. It provides accurate information, but it should not be used in place of professional examination. It is not an endorsement by the AGA. Users should use the tool responsibly, and acknowledge that any damages that may arise from its use are their responsibility. So, how can you choose the best solution?

The advantages of hot-dip galvanizing over other coatings are that it provides long-term protection to steel products. In fact, the expected life of galvanized amusement equipment can be as much as 30 years. Compared to other materials, galvanized steel requires little maintenance, making it an economical choice. However, it does come at a cost. If you have a budget, you should opt for galvanized steel.


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