Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Arcade video games are played worldwide. After the great success of the first arcade game “Pong”, arcade video games became the most played games throughout the world. Now, whenever a person including an adult or youngster has spare time, he rushes to an arcade gaming machine to play exciting arcade games.

As the name suggests, the arcade gaming machine is used to play various arcade games. In an arcade gaming machine, various parts work together in order to provide a smooth experience to the player. In this unique article, we will discuss the 3 parts of arcade gaming machines that are very important in the arcade gaming machines. 

If such parts are missing or become faulty due to any reason, the player will not be able to play an arcade video game. Without any further delay, let’s discuss important parts of the arcade gaming machine. 

  1. Coin acceptor: As we know that arcade video games require a unique coin to play the game. A coin acceptor is that part of the machine that accepts the coin and gives instructions to the processing unit that the user is allowed to play its chosen game. A coin acceptor recognizes a specific coin with a specific shape, diameter, and weight. 
  1. Arcade game joystick and buttons: In order to play the game, you push some buttons and use a joystick to move the player from its position. If arcade buttons or joysticks become faulty, you will not be able to give commands to the processing unit. 
  1. Cable harness: A cable harness is a set of delicate wires that transmit instruction from one part of the machine to another. If the set of cable harnesses becomes damaged, then no instructions will be delivered to the processing unit and you will not be able to enjoy the game. 

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