Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Arcade machines are gaming machines that are used at many public places like malls, amusement parks, restaurants, as well as in private gaming zones. They are used for operating arcade games including space invaders, Tekken series, Pac man, Battlezone, and more than four thousand other games. 

Due to excess playing of such games and excessive use of arcade machines, some of its parts might get damaged. Arcade gaming machines are made up of different spare parts including coin acceptor, consoles, arcade buttons, cable harness, anti jammer, led illuminated push-button, and more. 

Push buttons are simple buttons that are used to control some aspect or processes of machines. They are mostly preferred for deactivating and activating various types of electrical circuits in arcade gaming machines. Such push buttons come with neon, small LED, or indecent lamps to emphasize the “ON” position. 

Such types of spare parts are considered very important and are not available at every store and supplier. There are a few suppliers that supply such types of rare arcade gaming parts. If you run a gaming zone business and are worried about spare parts of your arcade gaming machine, we suggest you contact IFond Games Co., Ltd

They are the professional manufacturer and supplier of countless spare parts related to different arcade gaming machines. Due to the fact that they are manufacturers of such parts, they used to supply each product at wholesale price. Now, there is no need to buy new gaming machines. Instead, we can replace the damaged parts of the machine by contacting IFond Games.

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