Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Solar energy is on everyone’s lips and is seen as the driving force behind the energy transition. Solar power from your own roof in particular is enjoying increasing popularity. But what are the advantages of solar energy? Find out here.

Benefits of Using Solar Power To Generate Electricity:

Electricity from solar energy has long since established itself as a solid pillar of the energy transition. And for a good reason:

Solar Energy is Clean And Emission-Free:

Solar energy is obtained from the power of the sun. In contrast to coal or gas, no fossil fuel is required here, which first has to be burned to generate energy and release large amounts of CO2 in the process. Once the solar system has been installed, it generates electricity without any emissions. 

CO2 is only released during the production of the solar modules. This results in a CO2 balance of 50 g / kWh for solar energy. If the producing countries switch their public electricity mix to 100% green electricity, completely climate-neutral production and thus also energy generation is possible.

Solar Energy is Free:

The power of the sun is infinite by earthly standards. According to the current state of science, it will shine for at least another 5 billion years. This is exactly how long you can – at least in theory – generate solar power free of charge with your own solar system.

Your Own Solar Power Protects Against Rising Electricity Prices:

The two previous advantages of solar energy result in another plus point: rising electricity prices cannot harm your solar system. Regardless of how the price for electricity from the public grid will develop due to higher electricity consumption, falling raw material quantities, and a newly introduced CO2 price.

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