Wed. Jun 12th, 2024

Juice or coffee? Mineral or drinking water? Which of these drinks do you drink the most in everyday life? If you can think of drinking water now, you will be in good company here. Reverse osmosis systems are an excellent way to purify water in the household. For maximum convenience and especially when there is little space,

The most important reasons for a reverse osmosis system are:

  • Maintaining Health:

Several substances that can be found in drinking water are harmful to health, even in small amounts. (e.g. lead, pesticide residues around). The fewer pollutants in your drinking water – the better.

  • No More Lime Crusts:

The purest water is largely free of limescale, and this is gentle on kettles and co. The devices not only last longer – there is also no need for a decalcifier.

  • Water Filters Save Time and Money:

In a 4-person household, the cost of purchased mineral water quickly adds up a little money per year.

  • Pure Water Tastes Better:

The fine aroma of tea and coffee is best accentuated with the purest water. The flavors are also retained better when cooking.

  • Better For The Environment:

The production and transport of mineral water are more complex than we think. With your water source directly from the water pipe, you contribute to a reduction in this environmental pollution.

  • It Couldn’t Be More Convenient:

No more lugging boxes from the supermarket. And the annoying handing over of the returnable bottles is no longer necessary. Because you have your water source at home!

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