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Kalanchoes are used as a very effective home remedy to deal with various health problems. These plants possess great variety of elements. Kalanchoes are used to treat inflammations and facilitate the discharge of pus. In addition, these plants are going to help to remove dead tissue from wound and favour healing process.

  1. Cut lengthwise a kalanchoe leaf and put it on trophic ulcer, purulent wound, burn, bedsore, inflammation, cracked nipple, stomatitis, gingivitis and etc.
  2. Kalanchoe juice is used to spray onto wound and moisten the dressing (the dressing should be changed every day). When dealing with stomatitis, you should warm the juice up to 37 degrees Celsius and use as a compress 3-4 times a day for 1-2 weeks. Leave the compress on for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Mix 40 millilitres of kalanchoe juice, 60 grams of lanolin with no water, 0.25 grams of furazolidone and 0.25 grams of novocaine. Use the salve to treat skin inflammations. In addition, you can use it for compresses.
  4. Drink kalanchoe juice to get rid of stomach and duodenal ulcer.
  5. Saturate a tampon with the juice and insert it into your vagina in the evening to treat cervix ulcer.
  6. The juice of the plant can be used as a gargle to deal with sore throat.
  7. Drop kalanchoe juice in your nose to fight rhinitis and antritis.
  8. In order to treat hepatitis, you should take 10 drops of the juice of the plant within a day.
  9. Drink a tablespoon of the juice followed by a cup of tea to get rid of roundworms.
  10. The juice can be used to deal with trophic ulcers in varicose veins and post-traumatic ulcers. Prepare 45-layers-thick piece of gauze in a size of the ulcer, saturate it with the juice and place on the ulcer.
  11. Mix kalanchoe salve with hedge hyssop oil and smear inflamed wounds or boils with the mix.
  12. In order to deal with cracked nipples, simply drop a bit of the juice or apply a very thin layer of the salve over the nipples after breast-feeding. Repeat the procedure for 45 days or till the moment your nipples are treated.

In order to get the juice, you should wash the leaves properly and reduce them to small pieces. You can use new sprouts located on the leaves of the plants, as well. Put the vessel with the leaves in refrigerator for several days. Afterwards, rub the leaves and decant the juice. It is ready for use. However, you must not keep it for longer than 2 days (even if you keep it in refrigerator).

These plants contain oozes, vitamin C, micro and macro elements, such as, aluminum, magnesium, iron, calcium, silicon, manganese and copper. Leaves contain organic acids, such as, malic acid, citric acid, acetic acid and oxalic acid.

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