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Growing Orka and Planting an Okra Plant: Where to Start?

Want a nice plant that grows flowers and edible parts? Then growing okra is for you!

Okras are great for planting and for gardens as these plants produce flowers that look like hibiscus flowers. These make them ideal plants for a nice flower garden. In addition, they produce edible seedpods that are good for making soups and stews, and even pickles! Therefore, here is a list of things to do when growing okra!

Prepare Soil Pots Do not start planting Okra seeds in your garden. Plant them in small pots instead. You could use small clay pots or discarded sardine cans (the tall, round ones). Another great idea would be using peat pot trays. Place a small plastic bag inside each pot. Fill these bags with moist humus-rich soil but avoid compressing them to keep the soil loose. You can add a little fertilizer or none at all since this type of soil will provide enough nutrients for the seeds to grow.

Planting Okra Seeds Now plant one seed about an inch deep into the soil on each pot. Keep these pots indoor but in places where they can get minimal amount of sunlight. Check the soil for moist level and water each pot accordingly. Okra seeds normally begin to sprout after a week or two so you have to be patient.

Transplanting Growing Okra seedlings to your garden Check out the growth of your Okra seedlings. Once they are about 3-inches tall then they are ready to be transferred to your garden. Carefully remove the plastic bags from the pots carrying the soil and the seedling with them. Bring all these to your garden area. Begin cultivating the soil of soon-to-be Okra field. Cultivate deep to bring out the humus-rich soil beneath the ones in the surface. Add fertilizers and mix them with the soil, and then dig holes that are big enough for the soil-filled bags to fit. Each hole should be around 10-12 inches apart to allow enough space for the seedlings to grow. Once you are finished with the holes start removing the plastic bags carefully so the soil will remain intact. If this proves difficult just tear a big enough opening on two opposing sides of the bag to expose the soil. Then place it in the hole. Make sure that the soil in the bag is level with the soil surrounding the hole.

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