Fri. Jul 12th, 2024


Trees can be very meaningful to people. Almost everyone can recall at least one special event in their life spent under a tree. Whether it is one’s wedding day or just a picnic, almost everyone in the world loves the serenity that trees bring naturally. Research has shown that planting a tree can even make a person feel great. Planting trees is such a big deal that we even have a national holiday named for the act of planting trees.

In April of 1872, a man by the name of Julius Sterling Morton wanted to improve the landscape and economy of Nebraska and planted orchards and shade trees on his farmland. His act was setting an example that we should all plant a tree each year, to maintain the beauty of our world.

Soon thereafter, many states followed his example and began planting trees all over the country side. We call this very special day Arbor Day. Every April, many teachers and students honor the tradition by planting trees in local schoolyards and parks across the nation. In fact, in 1970, former President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday of April as National Arbor Day. It is celebrated in all fifty states across the nation.

Of course due to the varying climates of our states, not all trees will grow in all climates. So, specific types of trees were designated for each state to plant. For example, in New York the standard tree to plant for Arbor Day is the sugar maple, while in Morton’s state the standard tree to plant is the cottonwood. Whether you live in Pennsylvania or California, do something good for yourself and for the earth. Plant a tree and watch it grow. The earth will thank you.

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