Fri. Jun 21st, 2024


One company seems to see things clearly. While many concrete plant manufacturers have been reducing staff and trying to weather slumping sales in a slow economy, Peak Innovations, manufacturer of the Peak Max, Peak Magnum, Peak Fusion and Peak Evolution concrete batching plants has been setting sales records over the last several years.

What is Peak Innovations doing that’s different from other concrete batch plant manufacturers? They have designed and manufactured the plant that concrete producers and contractors have been asking for. A plant capable of manufacturing concrete from complex recipe’s, that meets state and DOT requirements at a reasonable production rate and an affordable price. A plant that can be easily transported from jobsite to jobsite and constructed easily without major site preparation, foundational work and excavation. A plant that doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and days of downtime to move from jobsite to jobsite.

Even better, Peak Innovations uses modularized designs that enable a customer to purchase a very basic simple low production concrete plant and easily increase the production level and storage capacities by simply adding modules to meet an increased concrete demand. Traditional concrete plants are sized for a maximum production rate, and increasing the production speed or storage capacities would require the replacement of key plant components.

Peak Innovations is also one of the few companies to offer a complete “turnkey” concrete plant. Many dealers offer “turnkey” packages by pairing a plant with a control, and adding all of the other necessary accessories and offering them as a package, but Peak Innovations offers complete “turnkey” packages as the manufacturer, meaning that if you ever experience a problem there is only one company to work with. Owners of Peak Innovations concrete plants don’t have to worry about one company blaming another for the problem, all while your plant is out of production. With Peak Innovations concrete plants, if you experience a problem, you only have one manufacture to work with to get your plant back in to production.

Peak Innovations has also expanded the demographic of possible owners of concrete plants. By offering affordable turnkey concrete plants compete with factory supported training on the setup and operation of the plant, contractors, builders and other users of concrete are choosing to invest in their own concrete to offer more competitive bids on projects without reducing their overall profit margins. Peak Innovations concrete plants automatic control system is so simple to use anyone can learn to operate the plant and produce consistent concrete time and time again.

Finally an option has become available for producing structural quality concrete on location with an affordable concrete batch plant and without years of prior experience producing concrete.

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